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Post by trog @ 10:38am 17/09/10 | 15 Comments
If you've got 13 spare minutes, you might want to check out this new Civilization 5 video - it's an in-depth walkthrough of the game, running through the major features in a lot of detail. Firaxis Games' Peter Murray narrates, discussing the lessons learned in Civ4 and how they have adapted their next one from there.

The trailer is available for download - weighing in at a beefy 650MB - or you can stream below.

civilization 5trailerwalkthrough

Latest Comments
Posted 11:18am 17/9/10
damn this game looks awesome but i feel like 2k is doing everything they can to make me not get it. (steam pricing, Special pre-order DLC, no DLC with special edition and releasing it during uni)
Posted 12:18pm 17/9/10
At 640MB I feel I should wait for it on freezone, but the temptations' just too great.
Posted 12:25pm 17/9/10
I refuse to buy this game because of the Australia tax.

But my resolve is wavering.
Posted 01:10pm 17/9/10
yeah so that was worth the download. very good. Seeing how well the combat works, it's going to be an awesome game

Bit concerned about that nuke and the easy capital take out.
Posted 01:14pm 17/9/10
trog - how many megs is the steaming version, I assume it's been re-encoded and it's not 650mb?
Posted 01:25pm 17/9/10
Shame the game looks so awesome. I was going to import it to avoid the BS price increase. But to be honest I'd rather they don't see my money at all. If I can get it for 'free' I may go down that path. Or stick to any of the many other quality titles with reasonable pricing.
Posted 01:50pm 17/9/10
I'm desperately trying to get a friend in the UK to gift it to me, in exchange for cash monies.
Posted 04:09pm 17/9/10
I won't be paying the markup price, but I won't pirate the game. The developers don't deserve to punished for the publisher's f***headery. Will get it via UK Steam or cdwow.
Posted 04:10pm 17/9/10
I liked civ2 but this just looks way too complicated :P
Posted 04:13pm 17/9/10
I liked civ2 but this just looks way too complicated :P

it actually looks a lot less complicated when compared to some of the recent additions.

Also, what about buying a steam key from g2play? $48 from them
Posted 04:22pm 17/9/10
Hrm I was going to hold off from paying the aussie price, but damn it looks good.
Posted 05:19pm 17/9/10
But my resolve is wavering.

i already broke a few days ago. i still feel dirty but i couldn't resist! :(
Posted 09:15am 21/9/10
For anyone who wants to buy this, seems like a good pre-order deal from the UK. $40AU inc. delivery (free delivery to Aus).
Posted 09:23am 21/9/10
Just got this gifted from a mate in the UK. Win =)

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