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Post by darkjedi @ 07:29am 14/09/10 | 18 Comments
If you're wanting to catch up on your Star Wars gaming, Lucasarts are having a special week on Steam with a different deal every day!

Today's deal is The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition for a whole US$7.50, which despite it's hefty HDD space requirements is worth grabbing in preparation for the sequel just over a month away. In addition to this they've also put their 13 game Star Wars collection up for 50% off at US$49.99 (includes Force Unleashed, all the Jedi Knights, Knights of the Old Republic & more).

Also on sale is the iPhone version of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's revenge, with the portable version of this classic setting you back $1.19 "for a limited time only". promoted forum item


Latest Comments
Posted 08:35am 14/9/10
I'm running through Jedi Knight II at the moment. So good. I've got Jedi Academy on standby.
Posted 10:55am 14/9/10
i should pick up unleashed at that price but the complete pack is pretty f*****g good too. argh cant decide.
Posted 12:09pm 14/9/10
suck my d***
Posted 09:39am 15/9/10
Today's special is Knights of the Old Republic for $us2.50. There is no try for this one, if you haven't played it there's no excuse not to!
Posted 09:42am 15/9/10
i ended up getting the force unleashed only. now for a 30gig download :/

Posted 10:05am 15/9/10
KOTOR f**** rocked. I think I finished at least three times.
Posted 09:11pm 15/9/10
haha downloading the force unleashed at 3MB/s. f*** yer
Posted 11:45pm 15/9/10
Hrm I always heard force unleashed was rubbish on pc, and civ 5 is out next week and I'm frikkin busy, and I just got that stupid lotro free game...

I'ma get force unleashed damnit.
Posted 11:52pm 15/9/10
Oh it seems the force unleashed sale has run out, prolly for the best.
Posted 08:33am 16/9/10
yer it was only on sale for one day. only took 1hr 30mins to download it last night :)
Posted 09:24am 16/9/10
Star Wars collection which has force unleashed in it is still $50 though ... might have to snag this one.
Posted 09:35am 16/9/10
Today they've got Star Wars: Empire at War Gold Edition for $us5.00. Not as epic as Civilization or Total War, but still a fun little Star Wars RTS. It also has the dubious honour of "not being Star Wars: Force Commander" :)
Posted 11:17am 17/9/10
The second last day of the Steam sale and we've got Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for $us5. Good deal on a fun game!

Also the Cheap Monkey sale has been extended to the original Monkey Island SE for iPhone too! $2.40 to get portable versions of two of the best point & click adventure games ever made? Hell yes!
Posted 11:54am 17/9/10
Anyone no if this stuff is on the bigpond servers?
Posted 12:49pm 17/9/10
force unleashed is on the bigpond servers. f*** the developer spent s*** all time optimizing the game for pc. i can only run it at 800x600 and with low detail, otherwise its a slideshow.
Posted 07:40am 18/9/10
For the finale?

Cheap Monkey for all!

Monkey Island 1 & 2 SE on sale for $us4.99 each or $us7.49 for the bundle with both games.
Posted 11:33am 18/9/10
bah was hoping for a jedi knight bundle :(
Posted 12:15pm 18/9/10
I ended up grabbing the starwars pack, even if I only end up playing Jedi Academy it'd be worth it.
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