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Post by trog @ 10:51am 03/09/10 | 4 Comments
After a long wait, a new version of the hugely popular Half-Life modification Sven Co-Op has been released. The new version has a bunch of fixes and a heap of new features, some of which are as follows:
. At least two new maps.
. Client-side prediction for the M16 (it's no longer delayed by lag)
. Switchable fog. Fog can be enabled, disabled, or have its properties changed mid-map, instead of having to be the same throughout the entire map as in earlier versions.
. The trigger_vote entity. This allows maps to give players choices that they can vote on.
. Repairable func_breakables. This allows for breakables that can be repaired using the wrench. Useful for objectives that players need to defend from monsters. Using a trigger_condition to check a breakable's health, mappers could create things like structures which players must build and keep in repair in order for them to perform a function (like manufacturing weapons or allies).
. HUD Info for func_breakables. This allows a breakable's health (and name if it has one) to be shown in the same way as for monsters. This is especially handy for repairable objects -- which show as Friendly -- or brush-based enemies.
. Legacy support features preventing existing maps from being adversely affected by new sound engine changes.
There's an official release party happening on IRC at the moment - see the official site for more details - but you can download the mod now locally from AusGamers. Might be time to dust off Half-Life and give it a bash.

sven co-ophalf-lifemod

Latest Comments
Posted 11:16am 03/9/10
wish i still had half life. watched a speed run with crowbar only at the beginning of the week and its made me want to play it again :/
Posted 11:18am 03/9/10
Don't have a free copy of it on Steam? They were giving it away for free with a lot of other Valve purchases.
Posted 11:22am 03/9/10
ill have to take a look
Posted 12:26pm 03/9/10
Awesome mod is awesome. Used to play this flat out with a mate, the Co-op is insanely fun.
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