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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:27pm 02/09/10 | 27 Comments
At a Halo: Reach event last night Microsoft unveiled the local release date for Kinect here in Australia, after demonstrating the system working successfully on-stage (which is a change from other live demonstrations elsewhere).

We'll be getting the hands-free controller and user-interface on November 18 and it will come bundled with Kinect Adventures for an SRP of AU$199. Additionally, the system will also be part of a bundled Xbox 360 package that will come with a console, Kinect and Kinect Adventures and will set you back an SRP of AU$449.

Will you be picking one of these up?

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Posted 02:37pm 02/9/10
I'm pretty sure I saw Kinect being used in this week's Entourage... was that it? Turtle was playing a running game...
Posted 02:39pm 02/9/10
no, xbox360 is too old (so is ps3), they've been out for an incredibly long time now in the grand scheme of gaming systems
I don't think I can justify upgrading it anymore, its about time we got the xbox720 and ps4

Posted 02:39pm 02/9/10
Yeah kinect has been whoring itself out on a few tv shows, but really... turtle? Is that selling your product ms?
Posted 02:42pm 02/9/10
Yeah kinect has been whoring itself out on a few tv shows, but really... turtle? Is that selling your product ms?

well hes doing a pretty good job at selling tequila
Posted 02:45pm 02/9/10
I'm cheap and easy though, thats why fpots mum loves me so much
Posted 04:03pm 02/9/10
I don't think I can justify upgrading it anymore, its about time we got the xbox720 and ps4

Not that it's a great reference, but this is on Wikipedia with citations:

"With the announcement of the Xbox 360 S, Microsoft have said that they believe that the console is only mid-way through its lifecycle it will continue on through 2015."

It's a pretty smart move to just incorporate a wii-style approach into the 360 - will save them tonnes of money and retain and build their user base.
Posted 04:04pm 02/9/10
yeah those cosole should updated every 3 years'that kinetic is new technology on an old machine
Posted 04:23pm 02/9/10
Will you be picking one of these up?
After 3 console RROD's...and my current one often being noisier than a my car...I don't want anything related to the Xbox 360 in my lounge anymore. Stupid replacement consoles are always quiet for a week or so...then bam loud.
Posted 04:36pm 02/9/10
Thats why you shoulden't use xbox in room with dirt floor
Posted 05:55pm 02/9/10
Will you be picking one of these up?

No, because it's hands free. Duh!

I'm curious enough but until I've tried one for myself to see just how bad the lag in them really is I'll be holding off. My bro wants one though so I'll let him waste his money first :p
Posted 06:03pm 02/9/10
Kinect is not going to do so well with the hardcore at launch. Since the "fake" demos at E3 and the constant downgrades to the hardware since then there isn't much confidence in it. And at that price is it likely to grab many of the casual's who already own a Wii?
Posted 07:12pm 02/9/10
Has anyone seen the Peter Molyneux TED talk about the Kinect game, Milo?

Those environments look pretty lush
Posted 07:38pm 02/9/10
with the current economic climate, you won't be seeing new consoles anytime soon.
Posted 07:56pm 02/9/10
with the current economic climate, you won't be seeing new consoles anytime soon.

Quite the opposite, given the economic climate "gaming" has been the least affected, in fact during this climate it has increased the most.

Posted 08:06pm 02/9/10
Game sales might be up, but hardware is down, people can't afford to outlay that amount of cash for a new system. The industry is not healthy, Lucasarts just laid off about 85 people, 38 from red stormr, ealtime worlds has entered administration and the company I work at has laid off 110, all in the space of 3 weeks.

Sony and Microsoft are both heavily investing in Move and Kinect respectively and are not going to abandon them anytime soon.
Posted 08:15pm 02/9/10
Too bad the Kinect looks s***.
Posted 08:55pm 02/9/10
Posted 09:55pm 02/9/10
haha, nice post.
Posted 10:05pm 02/9/10
Not going to come with Voice control in Australia. Maybe 2011. Just uk and USA.
Posted 10:37pm 02/9/10
The first reality of that strip was actually rather depressing.
Posted 10:44pm 02/9/10
so according to that strip it can actually capture images? man and here I was thinking I was just paranoid they'd sneak cameras into these things to spy on people but thought nah it'd just use some kind of sensor without actually seeing normal images. Turns out my paranoia is actually real?
Posted 10:53pm 02/9/10
Microsoft are really putting their weight behind this and it shows. It only supports UK and US english, "mexican spanish", and japanese. So if you live anywhere else f*** you, wait for the patch next year.
Posted 11:18pm 02/9/10
The camera resolution was halved from 640x480 to 320x240 I believe. It's basically an EyeToy with the IR camera and the Biped software attached.
Posted 11:37pm 02/9/10
I find it odd how anyone could think about buying this.

Microsofts plan is to sell these to every household and spy on people for marketing purposes. They will even know when you leave the house! WHAT IF THIS INFORMATION WAS PLACED IN THE HANDS OF THE WRONG PEOPLE!

With this device we will all lose everything and stuff and perhaps die and keep on getting robbed and stuff. Invasion of privacy and that ya know. Like its CCTV and stuff.

Don't you think it's odd that this was announced around the same time as that bad crisis in another country? Coincidence?! I think NOT! WAKE UP PEOPLE! You are letting the corporations into your house!@!
Posted 12:50am 03/9/10
get back on your main account faceman
Posted 11:05am 03/9/10
I thought what I did there was pretty obvious little fella.
Posted 11:09am 03/9/10
you needed more random capitalisation i think - and you didn't stick to the faceman paragraph style either

also - i won't be buying one of these, not for a long time at least - will have to see how the games go etc, but it doesn't interest me so far.
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