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Post by trog @ 11:24am 02/09/10 | 1 Comments
Our roving reporter Mike Bantick sat down yesterday with Louise Murray, the Fable franchise head at Lionhead Studios, to talk Fable 3. A lot of ground is covered in the interview, including some of the differences between the new title and the previous games in the series, the fact that it won't have any Kinect integration, the reduction in user interface, and changes in weapon handling.
Weapons are also handled a little differently in this release. Instead of hundreds of different weapon types and descriptive loot drops, weapons fall into a small number of broad categories and develop along with the players style, similar to the previous games but not quite;

“It was a case of getting the XP and then spending the XP, and you got better at [different weapon abilities], now it happens automatically, and your weapon morphs as you use it. The more you kill innocents with it, the bloodier the effect will be because it is quite an evil sword. If you’re good and protect, then you get blue shades on it reflecting that you are a good and noble hero; the weapon is as unique as you are...
Read on for the full interview!

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Posted 11:35pm 08/9/10
It sounds like there will be some interesting changes from Fable 2. I hope that if they do multiplayer that it won't be so half-arsed and unplayable as it was in Fable 2, and that they framerate will be better too :)
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