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Post by infi @ 12:08pm 01/09/10 | 16 Comments
Okay, so you like Fallout 3? And you liked Left 4 Dead? Well then enjoy the best of both worlds in Dead State, a zombie survival RPG. From Destructiod:
The Zombie Apocalypse is the new World War II, and has been for a while now when it comes to games. But most, if not all zombie games to date have mostly focused on just killing them in droves. Few have actually thought about surviving in a world full of shambling undead. Until Dead State, that is.

Developed by DoubleBear, among whose members were once of Obsidian Entertainment and Troika Games (the Arcanum people), Dead State takes survival beyond just getting to the chopper/boat/car and concentrates on the big picture. Set in the fictional Texas town of Splendid, the player manages a local shelter while going out to find food and supplies, gather townsfolk, and even make allies (or enemies) out of other groups of survivors.
More information is available on the developer's site at http://www.deadstate.doublebearproductions.com/about/. promoted/edited forum item

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Posted 12:21pm 01/9/10
wow thats original
Posted 12:23pm 01/9/10
We should have a betting pool for the next "big thing" to follow after zombie games. We've had the WW2 phase, now we're going through the zombie phase - what will be next bandwagon?!?
Posted 12:27pm 01/9/10
How about a civil war set in the near future, where the financial system has collapsed and the only things of value are guns, gold and women?
Posted 12:29pm 01/9/10
Posted 12:29pm 01/9/10
The fight for global resources!!!
Posted 12:31pm 01/9/10
cant wait
Posted 12:47pm 01/9/10
The concept doesn't seem too bad.
I like zombies and rpg's.

Perhaps im just cliche?
Posted 02:09pm 01/9/10
Should be good if it's from the Arcanum people.
Posted 02:14pm 01/9/10
I do like Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead.

I like this idea.
Posted 02:47pm 01/9/10
North Korean Zombies maybe!? We'll all need practice shooting these sometime soon.
Posted 06:27pm 01/9/10
Oh f*** yes.
L4D + FO3 babies ftw.
Posted 06:51pm 01/9/10
Seems original to me - for once a zombie game that's actually about surviving (i.e. living for a period longer than a 10 minute L4D level and also scavenging for food, water, etc.)! All other zombie games so far have been about blasting heads off. Fort Zombie came close to a bit of the survival aspect, but wasn't exactly great.

Sounds interesting to me. The only thing I wish they'd done was make it completely open (like Mount and Blade) without a main quest. Still, should be good.
Posted 06:51pm 01/9/10
Yeah this sounds sweet!
Posted 06:54pm 01/9/10
How about a civil war set in the near future, where the financial system has collapsed and the only things of value are guns, gold and women?

any sheep?
Posted 06:58pm 01/9/10
any sheep?

make a mod FFS
Posted 11:26pm 01/9/10
i dont know about you guys but i cant get enough of zombies!. Seriously , if there ever is an actual zombie apocalype gamers are going to be set !
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