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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:54pm 30/08/10 | 14 Comments
Blizzard have revealed they'll be patching the recently released StarCraft II by mid September. This will be the game's first feature and balance patch and will address a number of issues players are having with multiplayer balance, while also offering more mod features, support for nVIDIA's 3D Vision, Editor improvements, changes to maps (in the realm of "adding destructible rocks to the Desert Oasis map to make natural expansions easier to protect") as well as some pretty meaty changes to all three classes.

You can find a much more detailed run-down of what Patch 1.1 will offer by clicking here. Keep your eyes peeled too, as we'll be looking to host this locally on AusGamers if possible.

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Posted 01:56pm 30/8/10
Siege tanks in large numbers are performing too well in all matchups. In the mid- to late-game, siege tanks are too dominant against all ground units. We want a small set of light and unarmored ground units to perform better against siege tanks. With this in mind, we're changing the Siege Mode damage of the siege tank from 50 to 35, +15 vs. armored; to correspond with this, damage upgrades will be changed from +5 to +3, +2 vs. armored. This change reduces the base damage of the siege tank against light and unarmored units, as well as the splash damage.
sad face, there goes my siege tank whoring. I however do hate playing against other Terran players who build siege so be interesting to see how it goes, especially against marines /marauders
Posted 02:18pm 30/8/10
yeah i've had some big armies with colossi completely f***ed up by some seige tanks

no sad face here
Posted 02:37pm 30/8/10
Quick counter to siege tanks is to get your infantry (particularly Terran) to run up next to them then attack as there is a minimum range on siege tanks.
Posted 02:43pm 30/8/10
Quick counter to siege tanks is to get your infantry (particularly Terran) to run up next to them then attack as there is a minimum range on siege tanks.
tried that a few times but they always get pwned. One strat that has worked on me is to throw them in a medivac and drop them around the tank
Posted 03:08pm 30/8/10
Yeh running infantry charges into Sieged Tanks will be sadfase - unless you have a good macro advantage and have a pretty strong Marauder component, Marines will melt really fast even against just a few tanks. If it involves a walk up a ramp you can pretty much forget about it.

I was a bit:

when I read this (tank whores represent) but f*** I hate TvT. Tanks will still be decent against pre-Blink Stalkers and they were never really the unit of choice vs Zealots or Zerglings. This is really about stopping the stupid Viking Wars s*** that TvT has devolved to and making Hydras a bit less laughable vs Tanks?

Hopefully they will still be OK when well positioned as a support / artillery unit against bio and won't go off into lolunit oblivion. We shall see :)
Posted 03:13pm 30/8/10
protoss immortals > siege tanks 3 shots gg
Posted 03:37pm 30/8/10
Oh, this game has hard counters?

I hadn't noticed... !
Posted 10:19pm 30/8/10
some PvZ games, I've only just got my zealot out in time to defend against a zergling rush. That 5 second extra build time means the only way you can defend a zergling rush is with a forge+canon....
Posted 12:45am 31/8/10
i would have thought they would increase vikings cost... i seriously think the viking is the best unit in the game hands down!
Posted 01:20am 31/8/10
Terran nerf is welcomed. I wonder if Blizzard will remove any units for the subsequent releases or if they will only add new units... I'm thinking it might get complicated by the third campaign.
Posted 07:27am 31/8/10
Very happy with this patch.

The thing the totally missed up on is not nerfing Mauraders, they're just too powerful. Quick to get, cheap awesome upgrades (conc/stim), totally rapes armour amongst other units and easily supported by medvacs.

Also Void Rays could have done with a slightly larger charge-up time on the damage.
Posted 09:04am 31/8/10
Marauders really aren't that Overpowered.
Nor is Terran in general, my opinion as a random player.

Zerg and Protoss (especially protoss) have the benefit of being able to forget to macro and then just instant spam an army in to defend for example.
Zerg have similar mechanic with larva, but not to as great capabilities as protoss.

The ability to warp/spawn in a handful of units to defend your base is a very advantageous mechanic to have especially with chronoboost. They all come at once as well, the same goes for placing a proxy pylon during a push for fast reinforcements.

Terran does not have any of these benefits.
My point is, that you cannot just continuously nerf one races units and fail to remember other mechanics of the game. Terran relies on being able to hit hard since they cannot instantly warp in many units at once, particularly a fast mass-unit switch.

E.G. You may be going very zealot heavy and halfway across the map on a push and then some banshees hit your base, its very easy as protoss to warp in a few stalkers quickly to deal with them.
Zerg can quickly spawn a handful of hydras or mutas at once. (It is unlikely that you wouldn't have at least one anti-air unit to produce quickly).

Terran on the other hand, if you are going heavy marauders and some mutalisks come harassing your back door, its very very difficult and time consuming to start producing sufficient numbers of marines to deal with them.
This is of course talking late-early to early-mid game where you're probably only just getting onto two bases and are only supporting 3-4 barracks off one base.

Terrans might have some hard hitting units, but you also need to remember any time you see such units, all that is required is a switch to a counter and Terran will have a difficult time switching units in sufficient numbers to fight back.

I generally play random but I know Terran and its weaknesses the most, so I usually love playing against them.

Void Rays are in my opinion broken, the charge up needs to be adjusted somehow, its incredibly easy to sneak even one Void Ray into a base and charge up on an extractor then start taking out probes, if you do this when the enemy pushes out they are screwed, since by the time they warp in some stalkers for example the number of units then required to counter a charged up void ray increases substantially which is a joke, since you cannot micro against a charged void ray - it actually works against you to do so.
See, void rays also have another broken mechanic where by if you actually rapidly change its target and bounce it back and forth, it does more damage than if just left on a single target. It creates a longer charge up time if used, but if already charged its just insane.

Voids need to lose charge faster and take longer to charge on buildings I think. 20-30% longer charge up time would probably suffice.

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The GuVna
Posted 05:30pm 31/8/10
Nerf Rock, leave paper how it is.

Posted 06:24pm 31/8/10
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