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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:30am 27/08/10 | 11 Comments
Let's keep the movie theme moving forward on AusGamers today, with yet another live action short for Halo: Reach; essentially teasing us about what might have been had everyone settled on the project (though in saying that, if it had happened we might not have ended up with the awesome District 9).

We have the latest live action Halo: Reach teaser, "Remember where it all began... remember Reach", a phrase set to remind (or educate) people that Reach is a prequel which sets up the events experienced in Combat: Evolved. Either way, this video is pretty awesome.

Watch it embedded below, or click here to download it.

halo: reachlive actionmovieteaser
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:34am 27/8/10
Bit of an editing gaffe, but in the shot looking at the downed Spartan, the visor cracks are over her right eye, but when it switches to looking out from inside the visor, they're over the left. Attention to detail guys!

Anyone who knows much about Halo lore know what's going on here? The scenario seemed similar to something I remembering seeing in one of those anime shorts.
Posted 01:19pm 27/8/10
Not a halo fan, but this looks wicked. Could even be tempted to get it..
Posted 01:42pm 27/8/10
Yeh I don't even like Halo but I would watch a Halo movie if it was awesome like that!@#
Posted 03:05pm 27/8/10
Actually I think the second shot showing the cracked visor is taken from inside the helmet again, and is showing the reflection of her face at first, and then flashes to showing the outside scene when the lighting illuminates it.
Posted 06:34pm 27/8/10
haha the bomb was shaped like a gridiron ball, win.
Posted 08:00pm 27/8/10
pretty good if that was a movie id watch. not dawn of war. plant bomb at last gasp evry1 dies great but pretty good. usual american good guys gota escape
Posted 08:03pm 27/8/10

i would watch a movie of that
Posted 08:27pm 27/8/10
more like halo reach-around

fap fap fap fap
Posted 08:08am 29/8/10
I dunno if that was live action, looked more cg to me.
Posted 09:45am 29/8/10
Anyone who knows much about Halo lore know what's going on here? The scenario seemed similar to something I remembering seeing in one of those anime shorts.

The fall of Reach has been referred to in the other Halo games, it was like a huge loss for the humans, it was one of their main colonies and military hubs, and its where the spartans were developed. S***loads of civilians living there too, and the Covenant find it and attack it and wipe it out. Its kind of like the Halo version of Pearl Harbour on a bigger scale. In Halo 2 and ODST when you're on earth, theres grafitti on walls and stuff saying "Remember Reach".

Also, that live action short was epic, can't f*****g wait for this! I'm such a Halo fanboy :(
Posted 10:24am 29/8/10
This is gonna be awesome. Yeah Khel, the Halo story is awesome (as well as the games obviously). Halo 1 was pretty epic back in the day.
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