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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:10am 27/08/10 | 15 Comments
Nothing official has trickled down any affiliated line, but according to ShowbizSpy, Brad Pitt has been offered first refusal of the lead role of John Marston in a big screen adaptation of Rockstar's uber-successful Red Dead Redemption.

"This is an exciting project with a great character at the centre of it," the site claims a source close to the project said. "The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches."

I could actually see him in that role, but overall, I'm just not sure the game itself warrants a movie. What do you think?

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 27/8/10
Yer I would go see any new western, not because its RDR though.
Posted 11:38am 27/8/10
I'm just not sure the game itself warrants a movie. What do you think?


the story line was pretty good in it

they can beef up all the other stuff with his family etc

and they will have a pretty god movie imo
Posted 12:07pm 27/8/10
i thought the story was pretty good aswell.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:15pm 27/8/10
I'm not ragging on the story - more the concept that because the game has proven successful they need to make a movie out of it
Posted 12:21pm 27/8/10
While westerns are awesome I don't think they need to be made from games. It'd be a typical game to movie failure I reckon, otherwise we wouldn't be hearing about pretty boy Brad Pitt being considered for the role of one ugly cowboy. I've never seen anything Brad Pitt has done that makes me think he would be awesome at Marsden.
Posted 12:32pm 27/8/10
Val Kilmer??

I rate him more than brangelina.
Posted 12:36pm 27/8/10
As much as i love RDR- i just don't think making a movie out of every great game is something we need; especially when we consider how often they screw it up.

Also, why Brad Pitt?? There are a number of people who would make a better John Marston.
Posted 01:28pm 27/8/10
Christopher Walken
Posted 01:28pm 27/8/10
I reckon NoLogic's got a point. I'd say any Western film would make a killing at the moment, last good one was 3:10 to Yuma. I reckon it'd make a pretty sweet movie, and Brad Pitt in the lead wouldn't be too bad, he's a pretty versatile actor, but I dunno if he should be first preference.
Posted 01:30pm 27/8/10
brad pitt is pretty much awesome at whatever he chooses to do so this would be awesome
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 01:33pm 27/8/10
I don't see how this is news worthy. It's not hard for any producer or movie studio to say that "insert star" is being offered first look at the project. This seems like something you would read on
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:49pm 27/8/10
it's related to the videogame, this is a gaming site
Posted 01:49pm 27/8/10
I'd be more interested in a movie theme relating to RDR and twisting around Marstons actions but being a about a new charector, played by Christopher Walken, aiming to kill Brad Pitt
Posted 06:27pm 27/8/10
Im all for it. If only because I miss awesome westerns such as Unforgiven.
Posted 07:15pm 27/8/10
this coming out on PC at some point or non?
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