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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:32pm 25/08/10 | 12 Comments
What started as joke has been confirmed as more than possible, and pretty damn likely. Joystiq reports that Runic Games' CEO, Max Schaefer, has somewhat confirmed that Torchlight III, even before they get Torchlight II out the door, will land before Diablo III.

"I really think we will, I'm not joking about it," he told the site in regards to a third Torchlight before Diablo 3. "I'll be the first to buy Diablo 3, I'm a huge fan. I just know what it's like over there [Blizzard]. They can not get away with doing a Torchlight 1. If they put out a single player game, an RPG that's kinda stripped down for $20, people would say, 'What the hell happened to Blizzard?' They don't have that luxury. Everything has to be super epic. More epic than anything that's come before, more epic than World of Warcraft. They have to do that."

Getting their game out first though, doesn't mean it'll equal the epicness he's talking about - something Blizzard does best.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:34pm 25/8/10
not really a fan of this pump a sequel out once a year habbit that most of these places have fallen in to
Posted 01:25pm 25/8/10
Proof that they will be s*** games vs quality of D3.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 01:51pm 25/8/10
For $20 though I was pretty happy with the original, and T2 looks pretty cool too, and with the edition of co-op I will lay down another $20 for it I think.

Still, I think we can all agree that D3 will steam roll it when it eventaully comes out.
Posted 02:15pm 25/8/10
not really a fan of this pump a sequel out once a year habbit that most of these places have fallen in to

If they keep pricing the sequels at 20 bucks it's not too bad. It's the huge wave of episodic gaming everyone was talking about!
Posted 03:38pm 25/8/10
Yea I'll prob be getting both. I will laugh heartily if they do get T3 out before D3. When do Blizzard draw a line in the sand?
Posted 03:44pm 25/8/10
i thought the original was uber boring tbqh :/ but not alot of dungeon crawlers cut it for me anymore particularly without a good hack and slash element..

oh and they should have called it Diablo Forever
Posted 12:45am 26/8/10
I am a HUGE Diablo fan, got Torchlight, played it for a few hours, and never really went back. It doesn't have the same kind of story progression as Diablo had, and felt really very grindy.

I'll look at number 2 if they get the co op going well, that was one of the best aspects of Diablo 1 &2

In regards to the Diablo forever call- I really don't mind Blizzard taking forever with their products, they have a shine that no others possess.

(and there goes my fan boy rant)
Posted 12:50am 26/8/10
agree with grug, it really wasn't immersive.

Now dungeon siege 3, that's a diablo twin i'm looking forward to!
Posted 01:22pm 26/8/10
Playing Torchlight atm.. and i totally think its worth the $20 i paid for it.. Great little game really...
If you havnt played it yet.. its worth buying
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 01:34pm 26/8/10
I found the Dungeon Siege games so dull and boring, I actually enjoyed Torchlight more I think.
Posted 04:19pm 26/8/10
i bought dungeon siege 1/2 the day they came out, there great ^_^
Posted 04:37pm 26/8/10
dungeon siege was pretty fun. bit slow at times ,but the trainer would help that :D
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