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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:57pm 23/08/10 | 6 Comments
id Software weren't the only cats at this year's QuakeCon - the recent acquisition by Bethesda also allowed the publisher to jump into the showcase with some other titles launching alongside id games, one of which was Hunted: The Demon's Forge from InXile Entertainment.

To call this any kind of Gears of War clone would be a misnomer - it's very much its own game with a great sense of humour, some excellent pacing and dialogue, along with an interesting and modest spin on the fantasy genre. It also happens to be more akin to dungeon crawlers of yesteryear than of cover shooters of more recent years.

Click here for the full preview.

bethesdahunted: the demon's forgeinxilequakeconpreview
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:59pm 23/8/10
Sweet, been eying this off a bit. Steve, just how wide are the areas that bridge the dungeons? My main concern with this sort of game is that it will be too linear.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:13pm 23/8/10
we didn't see too much, but the first town they came across looked pretty decent in size with some tantalising areas to go off and explore - you can also go off the beaten track a bit, and they did continue to talk about expansive areas, but really, we didn't get to see any of it yet - I'm hoping for the same thing as you though
Posted 06:17pm 23/8/10
More co-op goodness. Game is looking good but like you two I hope there is some nicely sized areas to go exploring in.
Posted 08:29pm 23/8/10
Who cares if it's linear? I just want to kill some gnarly monsters
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:39pm 23/8/10
Those screenies look really nice. As long as it's not like Dragon Age combat-wise than I'll give it a burl. When I fight something I want it to feel nice and fluid. If they could copy WoW's combat and make it in a bigger scale it would be awesome.
Posted 10:09pm 23/8/10
I think the screens are rather bland, it may be because I have come to expect unreal engine games to look average and that it's WIP (there are two different grass models in the screens on AG). I was looking over them again and notice that there are so many stones making up roads, walls, stairs etc. and also a fair amount of flat weed like textures. I think this game would benefit greatly from Tessellation and displacement mapping. Does it support DX11?
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