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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:31pm 23/08/10 | 8 Comments
The Halo franchise has been rife with early release issues thanks to a series of leaks and broken street dates throughout its history. Today it has been revealed Halo: Reach has been leaked via Xbox Live as a copy of the game had been posted for reviewers with a price tag of 99,999 MS Points (obviously so no one could buy it).

Turns out a few clever people worked out how to pull it down for their own means, overcome some security within the game, and get to playing Bungie's last Halo effort. So if you're a Halo fan, you might want to start being wary of news and forum posts, as it's highly likely we'll be seeing spoiler material.

Microsoft are aware of the situation and are investigating how it happened, and ways in which to stop the leak going any further.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:07pm 23/8/10
when will these idiots learn that where there's a will, there's a way
Posted 01:21pm 23/8/10
Well, realistically the impact is pretty small since in order to play such a leak you'd need an exploited console (using the jtag attack which only works on a very limited number of machines), it won't work for people that only have modded optical drive firmware (by far the most common X360 exploit).

Still, this does mean that there's a bunch of people out there with access to the full game and the ability to play it early and post spoilers.
Posted 01:24pm 23/8/10
S***, thats like a month early, so now I have to not read the internet for a month :(

Realistically though, is there ever a lot to spoil in a Halo game? I mean, don't get me wrong, I actually love Halo, but the stories usually follow a pretty simple "Go here, blow this up, experience epic set piece, now go over there and blow that up" type of story progression.
Posted 01:51pm 23/8/10
If only you could erase memory, I'd go back and experience the epicness of Halo 1 again.
Posted 01:56pm 23/8/10
he makes a good point ^
Posted 02:04pm 23/8/10
halo is so overrated.
Posted 03:52pm 23/8/10
rofl thats f*****g hilarious, uploading it thinking no1 would get it and then someone magically cracks their awesome code, that xbox are known so well for
Posted 03:57pm 23/8/10
Yeah Halo was the best game when it was released, then it was just the same game released over and over again, hopefully this one is pretty good the multiplayer was pretty fun with the new stuff they added
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