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Post by trog @ 02:08pm 18/08/10 | 40 Comments
iiNet have just issued a press release announcing that they're going to be offering one terabyte broadband plans:
Just two days after announcing its 2010 annual results, including a 27% increase in subscriber services, iiNet’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Malone said the launch of the terabyte plan was a further demonstration of iiNet’s drive to lead innovation in the Australian telecommunications market.
According to Malone, the new one thousand Gigabyte plan was part of a new suite of simplified plans with greatly increased data quotas available to new and existing customers.
If you're a heavy data user, it maybe prove hard to resist the change.

Check out the press release for the full list of plans, but basically the 1TB plans seem to start at around $99/month.


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Posted 02:13pm 18/8/10
So really it's "unlimited" but with a better service than TPG. Pretty nice.
Posted 02:20pm 18/8/10
Right now iinet sucks for ADSL1 plans. $100 a month for 60gb my ass. After august though, $100 for 200gb? Sweet jesus i'll be all over that. Looks like i'll be dropping internode.

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Posted 02:29pm 18/8/10
A terabyte of data, or one million megabytes of quota, would allow a customer to watch the equivalent of more than 8000 half‐hour episodes of streaming or catch‐up television per month,

Impressive, considering that if a single person watched streaming tv back to back with no interruptions whatsoever it'd only be possible to get through around 1450 half-hour episodes per month.

Bring on the HD porn though, sweet.
Posted 02:37pm 18/8/10
That is insane! Why not just announce an unlimited plan or something. I get 60+60 on my current Naked DSL plan and can't even get to half of it.
Posted 02:38pm 18/8/10
zomg, if I didn't get my TPG connection for free I'd definitely hit this up
prediction though: TPG will smash this quota within a month
Posted 02:41pm 18/8/10
F***, impressive!

I guess TPG started all of this and led the way, but iiNet returned serve well.

Now to see if Optus and Telstra will offer any increases....

Does anyone thing the iiNet network will s*** itself and become full of leechers? I guess they wouldn't have increased their plans if they didn't have the capacity or if it would degrade their network. They've built up a good reputation these past few years so it'd be a shame to lose it if they can't deliver all the data they promise in the plans...
Posted 02:46pm 18/8/10
TPG will smash this quota within a month
Would be great, TPG only just updated their plans last week.
Posted 02:50pm 18/8/10
Keep in mind both upload/download are including in the 1TB. That said you shouldn't (hopefully) come close to using 1TB of combined traffic up in a month.
Posted 02:50pm 18/8/10
I found iinet's customer service to be completely useless.

I got fed up and have now switched to TPG. Surely can't be any worse than iiNet.
Posted 02:51pm 18/8/10
Meh. I'll wait for the 1 tebibyte plan.
Posted 02:52pm 18/8/10
I think you'll find the leachers are only the top 1 or 2 percent of iinets overall user base
big numbers get people in the door and sure they might use 200gb in their first month or two but it's hard to sustain after a while when the torrents run dry

I doubt their network will suffer too badly, they seem to know what they're doing
Posted 03:05pm 18/8/10
I think it was Bell in America that found 20% of their userbase use 80% of their bandwidth. So that 1-2% you talk about could mean a substantial chunk of their bandwidth. Pretty crazy stuff.
Posted 03:05pm 18/8/10
Meh. I'll wait for the 1 tebibyte plan.

Posted 03:06pm 18/8/10
Pfft, torrents. Use NZBs. But that is a wicked plan. Sadly I live in a "rural" area, and can just get maximum adsl on a 100gb plan (25/75). Sigh, so wanting to move to brisbane.
Posted 03:54pm 18/8/10
Pfft, torrents. Use NZBs.

Please teach me how to use these :D
Posted 04:05pm 18/8/10
not only have iinet launched a terabyte plan, they have also upgraded every plan.
Posted 04:32pm 18/8/10
Wow...I struggle to get through 20GB of quota :p
Posted 04:33pm 18/8/10
Pfft, torrents. Use NZBs.
Please teach me how to use these :D
Posted 04:35pm 18/8/10
Did some quick maths and with 'seeding' say 90KB/s 24x7 you'll burn about 222GB. Considering that'll be pretty much 50/50 peak and offpeak it's only losing about 120gb of peak 'wasted' to seeding

That still means the plan is offering well over 300GB peak a month, double what I'm getting now with uploads not counted.
Posted 04:43pm 18/8/10
i await a day in which quotas are measured in terms of the entire internet

i downloaded 1/45 internets last night
Posted 05:43pm 18/8/10
thanks trog :)
Posted 06:01pm 18/8/10
What's the point since the only thing I can get in my area is adsl1

Posted 07:01pm 18/8/10
Haha, take that AFACT!
Posted 07:01pm 18/8/10
i upload 24/7, but have noticed lately that my uploads dont go full speed all the time anymore.

used to sit on 70k/s consistantly day in, day out, for some reason uploads are much more sporatic now, and go up and down . .. . .

Posted 08:26pm 18/8/10
Also konstie, this is a hand FAQ site for NZB's.
Posted 08:38pm 18/8/10
Might 'downgrade' to the 100gig/100gig (from home4 60/60) -10bucks less. Don't upload 40/40.
Posted 09:21pm 18/8/10
TPG still have better value for their highest plan. 500GB for $69.99 a month. They also shape at 1Mbit/1Mbit, whereas these iiNet ones shape at 256Kbit/256Kbit. That's a significant difference.

The closest quota to that in the iiNet plans is the 400GB plan for $89.95 (unbundled), which is clearly lower value.

Still, nobody else has that much data available (apart from TPG and AAPT's unlimited plans, which while cheap, have very limited availability).
Posted 09:32pm 18/8/10
TPG blows though.
Posted 09:34pm 18/8/10
I've been on TPG for yonks with no problems, they're cheap, fast and reliable
Posted 09:46pm 18/8/10
tpg is awesome. 2megabyte/second download speeds, 100kbyte upload speeds, 130gb, 50 dollars a month.

capped at 1mbit/1mbit.

downtime once or twice a year. only a few hours usually.

maybe ur doing it wrong.
Posted 09:41am 19/8/10
TPG are pretty f*****g win. My GF's room-mates use TPG, and its amazingly awesome.
Posted 09:54am 19/8/10
K, so iPrimus just announced 1.1Tb plans.

I noticed TPG also changed there plans, don't know how long ago though:
60 dorra for 200Gb shaped to 1Mb/1Mb
70 dorra for 200Gb shaped to 4Mb/1Mb
Posted 10:19am 19/8/10
I used to game on tpg adsl1 and it was decent at 30 ping.
Posted 10:28am 19/8/10
I noticed TPG also changed there plans, don't know how long ago though
Last week.
Posted 03:41pm 19/8/10
I noticed TPG also changed there plans, don't know how long ago though

Posted 03:45pm 19/8/10
Another happy TPG user. I think they had problems in the early days and that rep has stuck with them somewhat. Mines awesome and most people I talk to with it have no problems.
Posted 07:39pm 19/8/10
And.... TPG hits back

PG is proud to announce our new $69.99 Super Bundle. This package includes:

ADSL2+ Speeds
1 TB Quota (500GB peak+ 500GB off peak)
Home Phone Line Rental
Number Porting
Unlimited Local Calls
6 or 18 month contract options

Expected plan release date is 1 September 2010. Available in limited TPG coverage areas. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Posted 07:58pm 19/8/10
Ill still go with iinet personally, because I live on a rim :(
Posted 08:03pm 19/8/10
Now we play the waiting game to see what ADSL1 plans internode roll out. If none, i'll be a switchen.
Posted 08:08pm 19/8/10

Now to see if Optus and Telstra will offer any increases....


ahhhh I needed a good laugh. As if telstra will ever match anything for price/zb
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