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Post by Khel @ 06:29am 18/08/10 | 85 Comments
Blizzard have announced the inevitable collector's edition of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. It contains a whole bunch of swag of the quality you'd expect from a Blizzard collector's edition:
  • Art of the Cataclysm art book, featuring 176 pages of never-before-seen images from the archives of the Blizzard Entertainment cinematics department and the World of Warcraft development team, as well as progressive visuals from multiple stages of development.
  • Exclusive in-game pet: he may not be a breaker of worlds just yet, but Lil' Deathwing will still proudly accompany heroes on their struggle to save Azeroth from his much, much larger counterpart.
  • Behind-the-scenes DVD with over an hour of developer interviews and commentaries, as well as a special Warcraft retrospective examining the rich gaming history of the Warcraft universe.
  • Soundtrack featuring 10 epic new tracks from Cataclysm, including exclusive bonus tracks.
  • Special-edition mouse pad depicting Deathwing menacing the ravaged continents of Azeroth.
  • World of Warcraft Trading Card Game cards, including a 60-card starter deck from the Wrathgate series, two extended-art cards, and two Collector's Edition-exclusive hero cards, marking the first appearance of goblin and worgen heroes in the TCG.
I'd imagine places will start taking orders for these now, and Blizzard usually do a pretty limited run of their collector's editions, so if you want one, get in quick.

For more information, including pictures of the box art and the contents, head over to Blizzard's Cataclysm collector's edition website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:25am 18/8/10
Thanks for the heads up, will definately be ordering
Posted 08:37am 18/8/10
I love how they say exclusive in game pet... like its unique and all the other bajillion of preorderers wont have it.

About the only thing that appeals to my wow fanboy side in all this pack is the DVD of behind the scenes stuff and it's only an hour of video ffs. How lame!
Posted 09:00am 18/8/10
I don't get it gamer, why do you follow this game if you so apparently hate it?

The art books are always amazing, generally hardcover and full of sketches, design art and other things. The DVDs are generally entertaining and let's face it: do you really want to hear game programmers talk for more than an hour anyway? :P

Definitely will be bumping my preorder to this, if only so my other Blizzard CE boxes don't get lonely (anyone got the original WoW CE box & contents (sans pet code) they don't want? It's the only one I'm missing :( ).
Posted 09:07am 18/8/10
anyone got the original WoW CE box & contents (sans pet code) they don't want? It's the only one I'm missing

no I don't sorry, but I will be buying 2 Cata CE's - 1 for me and 1 to go on the shelf unopened for sale in the future :)
Posted 09:09am 18/8/10
Mate i've been playing wow since second round of it's vanilla beta.

I have active 80's of every class except for shaman.

I was the third person in Oceania realms to have Sulfuras @ 60 (on my paladin lol! i was a true ret paladin - when ret hard and thought not possible I was topping meters... when ret wasn't cool... i was making it cool)

My rogue had twin blades @ 70 (/yawn)

My paladin has the famous bubble healz mace @ 80 (/yawn)

My guild Tsunami is the best Alliance guild in Oceania and arguably has some of the best PVP groups in 3v3 and 5v5 (which i'm in - topping around 2100-2200 rating - not bad for a non-fulltime pvper). I can honestly say I've downed 99% bosses in existence in wow (there is one world dragon that we never downed @ 60, but downed at 70 - but i don't think that counts as a proper downing)

I help run and update various wow blogs and websites around the net.

I love wow and always will, but when it comes to vanity pets, achievements and other wank factors I f*****g hate it. It's a love hate relationship. I think most wow players can admit that.
Posted 09:21am 18/8/10
Only thing that is keeping me interested in WoW right now is the fact i'm in the cata beta, and i've seen the changes they have made. They are good. They have changed instances so it's no longer a face roll. Try to AoE packs down and your tank will get b**** slapped. Bosses are like little raid bosses now and require more than just stand and shoot. This is what i've been waiting for them to do. Harden the game the f*** up. However it's gotten contend with FF14 for me, so doesn't look like WoW will win out.
Posted 09:25am 18/8/10
I think most wow players can admit that.

Actually the only people I notice who have a love/hate relationship with WoW are people who play it entirely too much. They begin to resent it.

Other people just stop playing.
Posted 09:34am 18/8/10
Fair call then gamer, stuff although you always seem to be fairly down on the game whenever it's bought up - hence the comment. For me the vanity stuff & achievements are what keep me interested and give me something to do, given my schedule doesn't really allow me to raid anymore.

Either way, CE pre-ordered so that's that. (EB have the preorder page up now on their website if you're inclined)

Also going to find caffeine. My spelling/grammar are way off this morning.

last edited by darkjedi at 09:34:31 18/Aug/10
Posted 09:51am 18/8/10
EB have the preorder page up now on their website if you're inclined

only 1 per customer meh
Posted 09:56am 18/8/10
Why do people buy this special edition crap?
Just get the game
Posted 10:03am 18/8/10
Why do people buy this special edition crap?
Just get the game

Collectors mate collectors
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:37am 18/8/10
The only reason Gamer isn't getting the Collectors Ed is because it doesn't come with a knife.
Posted 11:24am 18/8/10
Better question is why do people buy two copies of the same game?
Posted 11:27am 18/8/10
Better question is why do people buy two copies of the same game?

2 accounts?
Posted 03:45pm 18/8/10
Why do people buy this special edition crap?
Just get the game

I'd agree with you for most games, but Blizzard collector's editions are actually pretty damn nice, I mean the art book alone is a big, glossy, hardcover book which would easily sell for $40 - $50 if it was in a book store. And the presentation is always really swanky, velvet lined box and such, makes you feel like its actually worth paying that extra $30 or so. They're also genuinely limited, unlike other games which come out with "Limited editions" that aren't limited in the slightest.
Posted 03:53pm 18/8/10
Is there a General release time out yet for Cat?
Posted 03:55pm 18/8/10
They haven't said anything, but you'd have to assume they'll want it out before christmas, it seems to be following a similar schedule to Lich King, so maybe mid/late novemberish.
Posted 03:56pm 18/8/10
Mate i've been playing wow since second round of it's vanilla beta.

Checkout this guy's ePenis.
Posted 05:28pm 18/8/10
The general consensus is that it'll be out for the next American school break. NFI when that is compared to Aus - christmas?
Posted 07:32pm 18/8/10
You need to get off wow and stop being ignorant. How can you not know when the american school break is?
Posted 10:01pm 18/8/10
Alot of the forum goers on WoW general (mostly trolls) are hoping for a before christmas release. But every new beta update sounds like they're either cutting stuff out to get on time or they aren't going to be able to release by christmas with so much on their plate.
Posted 10:06pm 18/8/10
With the amount of work/rework they are doing to it, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it slipped into 2011.
Posted 10:29pm 18/8/10
They took the same approach with WoTLK but. beta had so much s*** cut and changed and then boom, twas released.
Posted 10:38pm 18/8/10
At the moment the level cap is 83, and even though the old world is missing content a lot of it is done. So yeah they are moving at a reasonable pace.
Posted 10:52pm 18/8/10
Im guessing your able to import your toon into the beta?
Posted 02:30am 19/8/10
An extra $40 for a vanity pet because the dvd, soundtrack and art will be uploaded somewhere.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:04am 19/8/10
Wow, some people are massive douchebags. Warcraft seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people.
Posted 08:21am 19/8/10
Im guessing your able to import your toon into the beta?

yea. a lot of the screenshots i've seen posted around have people in their ICC gear running around. i think there are pre-made characters that you can create as well.
Posted 08:30am 19/8/10
Premade characters come in all ICC10 and 25 man gear, have 5000g and about another 5000g worth of gems, enchants, health potions, flasks and such. But you can only make like 5 of them. That or you can import your character like I did with my hunter. I done love my hunter.
Posted 08:53am 19/8/10
I done love my hunter

Same :) .. Huntard is my main but recently found the joys of Resto Druid. No waiting for groups anymore - click dungeon finder, wait 3 seconds, boom.
Posted 09:01am 19/8/10
People will be b****ing about hunters a lot now though with the changes to aspect of the fox. Also expect people to have over 100k hp now. Top Rank food restores around 92k over 30 seconds, so that means tanks will have more than that.
Posted 09:06am 19/8/10
sweet !! be good for my main also maxed chef, make some moola.
Posted 10:09am 19/8/10
Wow, some people are massive douchebags. Warcraft seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people

It doesn't bring anything out of people, its a MMORPG?

Also I am curious, if you need two accounts why are you buying two collectors editions? Why not just one collectors and a standard copy?
Posted 10:14am 19/8/10
The only reason Gamer isn't getting the Collectors Ed is because it doesn't come with a knife.

Posted 10:16am 19/8/10
Also I am curious, if you need two accounts why are you buying two collectors editions? Why not just one collectors and a standard copy?

lil deathwing pet on both accounts
Posted 11:26am 19/8/10
Just a heads up, a friend of mine who works at EB said today is your last day to order this before they discontinue the product, its pretty much selling out in a day.
Posted 11:35am 19/8/10
hahahaha blizz guys are just hearing cha ching
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:13pm 13/9/10
Just got back from EB and the Collectors Ed's are $109.95 if anyone's thinking of getting it. They're most prolly all gone but you might be lucky.
Posted 12:26pm 13/9/10
JB and EB both seems to be sold out. Shame because since FF14 sucks ass i've gotten back into wow and wouldn't of minded getting this now.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 03:35pm 13/9/10
If they have the price do they have the release date yet?
Posted 03:46pm 13/9/10
Does anyone know if you will have to buy all expansions? i.e wow + bc + wrath + cata to get back into this game? I'm hopeing it will only be wow + cata. Otherwise it will cost a f***load.
Posted 04:38pm 13/9/10
I would expect so yes. You will get to Lv 60 or so then run out of mobs to kill. You'll have to go to outlands and northrend then. I expect them to speed up northrend though so it's like BC now. I was able to get 58 - 70 in 2 days, hitting Lv 65 before I even left HFP.
Posted 05:10pm 13/9/10
you have to buy all of them.

If you just buy Vanilla + Cata, you may be able to get the new quests/changes & races, but once you hit 60 you won't be able to level any further (at least I'd suspect that'd be the case).

I've seen the WoW collectors box with Vanilla + TBC for $30-40 and Wrath shouldn't be too much more on top of that.. No doubt when Cata hits there'll be cheap deals too for all 3 previous releases.
Posted 06:58pm 13/9/10
Damn you for helping to kill avast Gamer!
Posted 07:16pm 13/9/10
Yeah, it wont cost s***loads to buy them all, vanilla wow and the previous expansions are cheap these days.

But you'll still get all the remade zones in the old world even with a vanilla wow account, you only need to buy cata for the new zones, the new races and the 80 - 85 stuff. So you could still level 1 to 60 experiencing the new 1 to 60 stuff, then buy BC and do that, then buy Wrath and do that, then worry about Cata (well, unless you wanted to roll a goblin or worgen from the start).
Posted 08:00am 14/9/10
Boubouille (the guy who runs mmo-champion)

So, when is the release of Cataclysm?
Now that Patch 4.0.1 is on PTR, I get a lot of mails asking for a release date and I guess I can answer that without too much risk now.

Keep in mind that Blizzard didn't announce it because the release can still be postponed, but as far as I know the target release date for

Cataclysm is the first week of November (that would be November 2, if you like numbers).

The first part of the Cataclysm prologue started exactly 8 weeks before that and the next part of the pre-Cataclysm event will probably happen in 2 or 4 weeks depending on their schedule.

You got your answer, and hopefully people won't yell at me if something goes wrong.
Posted 08:23am 14/9/10
It makes sense with the evidence pointing to the same, but Boub's been known to be horribly wrong about release dates in the past :)
Posted 08:34am 14/9/10
Yeah but at least he puts a date on things now. Better to make an educated guess then have no date at all.

Hes been correct about alot of dates as well :) Almost balances out. Something as large as Cata though, it's pretty obvious to guage when it'll be released (it needs to be here before christmas so they cant push it back more then a month or whatever)
Posted 12:35pm 14/9/10
Yeah, November has been the educated guess for a while now, but this IS blizzard we are talking about. They pushed Burning Crusade back till like February the following year and missed Christmas, so I don't think they care too much. Its not like some unknown game that needs hype and an ideal release window to sell well, its still gonna sell a gazillion copies whenever it comes out.
Posted 12:42pm 14/9/10
So november is the month where hunters will suddenly become walking death machines. They'll have huge burst damage until the other classes get some better gear.
Posted 01:05pm 14/9/10
4.0.1 ptr sounds pretty borked at the moment

It will be interesting to see at what state they intend to release 4.0.1 into the wild, and if the classes will change much past that point up till the opening of the new content.
Posted 01:06pm 14/9/10
Gives me about 8 weeks to get my frost wyrm mount and "Bane of the Fallen King" title then. Just got heroic sindy and LK to go.
Posted 06:26pm 14/9/10
Blizzard could release cataclysm whenever they want really. It will sell s***loads easily. However, they would be smart to get it out soon rather then later. And they have an outstanding patching system, so any bugs/quick fixes are simple and easy. Sometimes they can even do live fixes which is cool too.
Posted 06:28pm 14/9/10
pre-thankgiving I imagine would be something they'd aim for.
Posted 07:12pm 14/9/10
Oh, and for all questions regarding "If I only get vanilla + cata will I be able to level", you will gain access to the new 1-60 zones/quests/races/class combos etc. It's just you would hit 60, and not be able to go anywhere to level.

Also, I presume once cata is released, Blizzard will make a pack containing vanilla, bc and wrath. Maybe all on one dvd even.
Posted 11:20pm 14/9/10
God I love dvd's, I spent so f*****g long installing vanilla and BC with the cd-roms I thought I was gonna miss half the patches.
Posted 12:40am 15/9/10
It will be interesting to see at what state they intend to release 4.0.1 into the wild

Well according to what i've read the changes are happening in stages. 4.0.1 looks like it's going to just contain talents and graphical upgrades. 4.0.3 is said to have the new world looks and updated race class combinations and everything other than that you'll have to buy the expansion for.

Also some new things which I think are awesome. It seems in Archaeology you can get Bind to Account epics. Some of these include weapons, armor and mounts such as the old AQ40 bug mount (!!!!!) and the ever awesome Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds. Seems this is actually worth doing now.

Oh and AQ20 is now a 10 man raid come cata. F*** yeah... vanilla raid revamping!
Posted 07:22am 15/9/10
I thought AQ20 was being made a 10-man for the purposes of Guild achievements and left as a lvl60 raid, not revamped/re-itemised as a lvl85 raid instance?
Posted 08:16am 15/9/10
All the old instances and raids should be rescaled and have a heroic mode.

How hard can it be ?
Posted 08:25am 15/9/10
The odds on seeing heroic versions of old instances is pretty good, given SFK & Deadmines are getting heroics at launch. If they're well received, then I'm sure we'll see more heroic vanilla 5-mans launched in the future (especially since it's a nice easy way to get a bit of 'new' content out with minimal effort). Mind you, they've already re-scaled the 5-mans to be more in line with the old world levelling changes (Stratholme is a lvl40-50 dungeon now afaik?).

That said, I'd totally be for a lvl85 heroic version of Dire Maul. that place was all kinds of awesome.
Posted 08:26am 15/9/10
Well if you didn't already know they have said MC is returning
Posted 08:29am 15/9/10
I'd totally be for a lvl85 heroic version of Dire Maul

agreed. Love DM - Scholo would be win also.
Posted 08:36am 15/9/10
Well if you didn't already know they have said MC is returning

I thought that was tied in with the fact Rag and his friends are running around Mount Hyjal ?
Posted 09:42am 15/9/10
I'm surprised they decided to make a heroic version of SFK. I didn't expect it to be so popular.

An epic version of BRD would be win++
Posted 09:53am 15/9/10
Also, I presume once cata is released, Blizzard will make a pack containing vanilla, bc and wrath. Maybe all on one dvd even.

I suspect so as the WoTLK DVD has all the content for Vanilla, TBC & WoTLK (dur). It's the patches that are such a b**** as it's impossible to find just one patch to go from retail copy -> latest unless you use their patcher (which just does increments but makes it seamless).
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:01am 15/9/10
If you have a friend who plays just copy their whole WoW folder so it saves downloading or installing anything. Then it's just a simple job of going online and installing the keys for each version off the WoW site.
Posted 10:26am 15/9/10
I play WoW therefore have no friends!

(well at least no awesome friends who play WoW on a Mac)
Posted 11:32am 15/9/10
did you end up comin to proudmoore ticman
bumped into syco there the other day
Posted 11:41am 15/9/10
Frostmourne ftw
Posted 11:42am 15/9/10
any Saurfang?
Posted 01:26pm 15/9/10
(well at least no awesome friends who play WoW on a Mac)

mac ... really ? ... I thought you were straight.
Posted 01:29pm 15/9/10
Proudmoore is for PvE wussies. Blackrock for life!

(Says the guy with an 80 on Saurfang as well)
Posted 01:37pm 15/9/10
i've got an 80 shammy on saurfang but i rarely even log on these days. will probably check out cata when it comes out though.
Posted 01:39pm 15/9/10
There is no PvP in WoW. Arenas and BGs don't represent real PVP where you aren't quite sure if old mate over there is going to give it a go or just go about their business.

I find it humourous that anyone would think there is.

Griefing people on boats and at flightpaths who are 60 levels lower then you does not constitute skill (or PvP).
And having played on Blackrock among other PvP servers, the vast majority of PvP is griefing. While the very few occasions where real PvP happened were fun. They were extremely infrequent and in reality slowed down the progress of all involved.

I'd argue that EQ on a non Zek server was more PvP then a WoW PvP server.
Posted 01:40pm 15/9/10
Re-activated my account the other day. Blackrock still full of tards.
Posted 02:05pm 15/9/10
Southshore v Tarren Mill was always amusing though, especially when it'd bring the entire server down in a screaming heap.
Posted 02:25pm 15/9/10
did you end up comin to proudmoore ticman

Yep I did a drunken faction change and now am known as Draedonna - I'll look out for you in game.

Proudmoore is for PvE wussies. Blackrock for life!

I started on BR with my first char and there was nothing like the PvP of old (TM & South Shore as you said) and the thought of being on a "noob" server was laughable. I also spent time on Frostmourne & Barthilas and have now ended up on Proudmoore because it reached a point where there was no more PvP at all. Gone are the days of the POM+Pyro/Sheep mage opener on people running around EPL or doing proper raids against the other guys cities .. its now just queue, someone wall hacks, claims the node, games over and then back to queueing.

I miss the days of old world PvP but I don't think they could ever come back any time soon :(
Posted 02:43pm 15/9/10
This is true. As pointed out above, PvP these days is generally griefing people 40 levels lower than yourself. Of late I've been having a fair bit of fun just running stuff with a few mates and mucking around there. Makes the game far more entertaining than just running with randoms all the time.
Posted 03:11pm 15/9/10
Yeah, I used to play on Jubei'thos for years, but I came to the same conclusion as Obes, and I just couldn't be bothered wasting my time putting up with the griefing so I transferred to Dath'remar. It wasn't so bad when I was running around at the max level, but it was when I tried levelling up a DK when wrath came out that it just drove me crazy. Then I stopped playing for a year, and when I came back and decided to level a new toon from scratch, the idea of levelling it on a grief-filled pvp server was just not appealing at all.
Posted 04:40pm 15/9/10
the danger of being killed while levelling is about the only part of wow pvp that reminds me of previous mmo's with pvp
the rest is like lame zerg rushing or daoc portal camping

wow players laughing at other wow players for being carebears is just hilarious :)
Posted 04:54pm 15/9/10
I'm on Blackrock as well, but changing once cata comes on to go with friends. BR is just a s*** hole now. Worse trade ever. I have actually made a separate chat box for trade, general and local defense.
Posted 05:21pm 15/9/10
One thing I'll say though, Blackrock's economy is fantastic (or is that "more mature"?) compared to Saurfang. I've seen boe gear on the AH on Saurfang for 3x the price they run for on Blackrock.. it's rather f***ed really. We need a battlegroup linked AH imo :D
Posted 06:24pm 15/9/10
proudmoore is the win
Posted 06:27pm 15/9/10
10 months of inactivity and my pally still has a decent GS of 5200+. Gave all my gold to a mate when I quit. Come back and my bank toon still had 3x tankard's of terror. sold 1 for 1500g and i'm back running properly again.
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