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Post by Dan @ 01:58pm 16/08/10 | 18 Comments
THQ have sent along a new batch of screenshots from the upcoming (and now also PC bound) Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, a third person action game based in the Games Workshop licensed sci-fi Universe.

The batch of six images can be found over on our Space Marine game page.

Space Marine is due first-half of 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

warhammer 40kspace marinescreenshotsthq
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:16pm 16/8/10
So it's like a FPS but seen from the third person? Or more of a RPG?
Posted 03:39pm 16/8/10
a third person action game

Posted 03:41pm 16/8/10
Re quoting what has already been written and raised the question to begin withisnt really helpful rav
Posted 03:43pm 16/8/10
if you dont know what a third person action game is, then you're not much of a gamer.
Posted 04:06pm 16/8/10
heh after playing so much SC2 lately, those screens make me thing someone cross-bred SC2 with War3
Posted 04:39pm 16/8/10
How much are Warcraft and StarCraft considered rip-offs of Warhammer/40K by table-top hardlines? Or is there an even older common denominator that I'm not familiar with? Tolkein?

Also, wtf do they captilise the C in StarCraft but not in Warcraft?
Posted 05:45pm 16/8/10
StarCraft USED to be printed as 2 seperate words, it just stuck i guess.

As for the rip offs, hardly. You can argue nothing for WC purly because that whole fantasy s*** has been around alot longer for every sort of genre involving elves and orcs etc.

SC sorta has its own magic and is i guess in some way a small representation of 40k but i play both and i don't really view them as rip offs.
Posted 05:46pm 16/8/10
I think I remember reading Blizzard wanted to make a Warhammer 40K game buy Games Workshop said no so they made their own. I could be wrong and be thinking of what someone told me.

But looking at some of the new Zerg enemies they do look awfully like new Tyranid enemies from the table top game. I don't game but I have read the books.
Posted 05:51pm 16/8/10
Didn't Blizzard say they based a lot of their IP around influences from Tolkien and Warhammer.
Posted 05:54pm 16/8/10
I dunno about Warhammer and Warcraft, but Starcraft definitely borrows from 40k. I don't think it directly rips anything off (well, I guess their marines are close to being a ripoff), but it was obviously inspired by it. I mean the details are different, but thematically theres definite similarities, like the Zerg are a lot like Tyranids in 40k, and the Protoss have similar themes to the Eldar. Not that it really bothers me though, cos it works, and its awesome.

But yeah, I'm not sure about this Space Marine game, in the gameplay bits it looks kinda boring. Theres no cover mechanics apparently because Space Marines don't hide in cover, they charge forward (which is kind of a stupid justification really), so the firefights just seem to involve you standing out in the open, not moving, shooting lots of stuff as it swarms towards you. Might be fun for a few minutes but if thats all the game has to offer, its going to get old REALLY fast. Also the melee combat looks s***.
Posted 06:05pm 16/8/10
Dan: heaps, that Tetsuo guy has no idea what he is on about and has obviously never played a table-top game or read the lore. And yes I am a massive nerd f**ot who has played heaps of both.

Didn't Blizzard say they based a lot of their IP around influences from Tolkien and Warhammer.

QTF, WOW and TBC was like mostly recycled WH lore and WOTLK was purely LOTR.

And khel is spot on with his SC race rendition, although I'd probably say Terran would be more like a cross between the imperial guard and space marines.

last edited by casa at 18:05:17 16/Aug/10
Posted 07:04pm 16/8/10
Both Warcraft and StarCraft DID start out as warhammer based games for Games workshop- when they turned down the license, Blizzard went ahead with their own names and very very minor changes to avoid issues with copy write.

Then Blizzard used this to create the currently most successful PC franchise that is World of Warcraft... I wonder if games workshop is kicking themselves still...
Posted 08:14pm 16/8/10
Is that documented anywhere? Sounds like the sort of crazy rumour which fans would think up, cos I can't find any actual proof of that being the case.
Posted 10:14pm 16/8/10
The screenshots for this are looking better now than that used to, at least.

RE: Warhammer vs SC, kotaku did an article on it.
Posted 10:17pm 16/8/10
Yeh grug, you gotta back that up I reckon.
Posted 10:27pm 16/8/10
Theres no cover mechanics apparently because Space Marines don't hide in cover, they charge forward (which is kind of a stupid justification really)

The whole no cover deal is f*****g stupid considering that you wont be given any kind of health bar either. It will be blood splatters on the screen a la GoW.
"We just didnt need to feel that a super warrior in power armour would need to use cover like that"
then they go on to say - "We've been playing with a lot of different ways of doing health. But right now we're showing damage with splashing alot of blood on the screen,to show your being hurt. Get into cover and you'll be fine"
thats from an interview in this months Atomic with Andy Lang,one of Relics producers.

WHAT THE F***. Is all I can say.
Posted 10:13am 17/8/10
So it's like a FPS but seen from the third person? Or more of a RPG?

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