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Post by Dan @ 01:35pm 16/08/10 | 22 Comments
BioWare have released a new class-feature video for their hotly anticipated MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This one previews a class that is likely to be one of the most popular, the Jedi Knight.
A symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order — more than twenty-thousand years of protecting the Republic and keeping the peace across the galaxy. Though Jedi Knights have served as generals, guerilla fighters, and warriors for generations, their legendary combat prowess faces its greatest test during this age.

Through years of disciplined training and meditation, the Jedi Knight hones body and mind into perfect harmony. Combining the foresight of the Force with unrivaled reflexes and practiced physical precision, the Knight turns combat into an art form, gracefully executing acrobatic feats in tandem with elegant lightsaber tactics.
Watch the trailer right here on AusGamers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:39pm 16/8/10
So from that I could see that the 'jedi knight' class has the following abilities

'block incoming bullet/laser shots'
'long jump to the enemy from a 10 meter distance'
'attack in a 360deg cleave with light saber'
'the ability to push things back (over the edge of a cliff)'

jedi knight class can also be female.

I really think a video like that needs to cover more then 4 abilities and the fact that you can be female. How pathetic.
Posted 02:12pm 16/8/10
what's with the graphics, doesn't look great?
Posted 02:16pm 16/8/10
graphics def looks s***house
Posted 02:25pm 16/8/10
What benefit would putting lightening around a lightsaber add... Apart from looking s***.
Posted 03:44pm 16/8/10
The name makes me wanna load up Jedi Knight II again...
Posted 04:57pm 16/8/10
Heh I did (well Jedi Academy), it's friggin rad.
Posted 06:09pm 16/8/10
^ F*** yea. No SW game with Jedis has ever come close to the saber fighting of JK 2/JA.

Man the more trailers of this game I see the less I want it. I can't believe they can manage to make something with soo much potential for awesome look so utterly *meh*.

Hopefully they will have some way to try this out before you commit to a purchase/subscription (or however they monetize it).
Posted 07:44pm 16/8/10
It'll still have stories worth playing through, I figure. But yeah so disappointed about how s***** it looks like it's going to end up being (both visually and gameplay).

edit: Rewatching this I swear they must just have the s***tiest marketing team ever. It's like they're trying to make it look clunky. I'm going to put some faith in the awesome devs at bioware and just assume whoever is behind the s***** website and gameplay trailers is just failing hard.
Posted 07:50pm 16/8/10
I think the graphics are appropriate for a game that will most likely end up with Coruscant as a hub city with a couple hundred or possibly thousand people in town at a time. Dalaran in WoW would bog down when there was only 300-400 people in it. The graphics may get a bit better before it's released but you have to estimate capacity so that everyone can play not just the guys buying the top line machines. MMO's die if they target the elitists.
Posted 08:22pm 16/8/10
Yeah, I understand why you can't have something that looks like Mass Effect 2 in an mmo, cos of those reasons, but still, what they have looks rather bland and uninteresting. I mean, take WoW for example, its pretty low poly, and the graphics aren't aimed high, but they do a LOT with a little, and it comes out still looking pretty damn good, and full of life and character. The graphics in Old Republic just seem kind of bland and boring and flat and lifeless in comparison, and the animations have the same problem.

I'm starting to feel the same as what Tim was saying, the more trailers I see for this game, the less I'm looking forward to it :(
Posted 08:28pm 16/8/10
Yeah. I think the characters are fairly flat looking atm. WoW has one natural advantage from it's genre and their consistant art style that helps it's toons look pretty damned good. First WoW epic gear looked kinda cool but nothing overly flash compared to what T10 and newer is offering. Guessing TOR will end up with top level gear that will shine and glow to make it look awesome. I'm still keen to see how they play out the quest system and what major story arc will be followed.
Posted 08:35pm 16/8/10
Visually I wouldn't expect current gen stuff, but it looks worse than KotOR.

Clean, fine detail:

Goofy, out of place in star wars. Doesn't even match the awesome exaggerated cartoony style of the clone wars:
Posted 08:35pm 16/8/10
Jedi Academy looked better. I don't hold out a lot of hope for great combat, it's Biowares weak spot.

You can actually crank up the graphics quite a bit with WoW and despite being a 5 year old game it looks miles better than what was on offer in that trailer. It almost looks like they took the original KOTOR graphics and then made them look s***tier.
Posted 08:54pm 16/8/10
i think the graphics are fairly decent for an mmo. they look 10x better than wow imo.
Posted 09:11pm 16/8/10
They have more polys than wow, and higher res textures, but they don't look better. Everyone looks like they have a pole up their arse and everyone wears those same blank, disturbing zombie stares that the characters from dragon age had.
Posted 10:10pm 16/8/10
they need to inject some life & personality into this game pronto or i'm scratching it from the wishlist.
tis a shame, I was/am really hoping that this does what AoC and WHO couldn't. No prizes for guessing what.
Oh and wtf is with the acrobatics in this game. what the is the point of even having flashy sommersaults and s*** if all they are is practically a motion blur to the human eye. I mean f***.. someone think of the epileptic.
Posted 10:19pm 16/8/10
I don't much like the artistic style either but I don't expect any MMO to look good, more worrying part is that I am yet to see game play footage that is impressive. All looks very disjointed and clumsy and the light saber fights look poor also, needs more flow.
Posted 10:24pm 16/8/10
Somebody's gotta feed the Sarlac, right?
Posted 11:17pm 16/8/10
was totally uninspired by that video, cant put my finger on why
Posted 11:28pm 16/8/10
haha,I think theres such a multitude of reasons that it all becomes a blur.
Posted 12:34am 17/8/10
Heh that looks like ass!
Posted 01:05am 17/8/10
Every video of this I've seen the combat looks horrible and the graphics meh, the only interesting thing has been the story and even that wont be worth the price of admission.
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