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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:50am 14/08/10 | 14 Comments
During the RAGE presentation at this year's QuakeCon, the same presentation we saw at E3, only here id showed the game running on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 simultaneously (it looked only slightly better on PC due to higher resolution, but fundamentally, there's essential visual parity here), id's Tim Willits told a rambunctious and enthusiastic crowd, RAGE would be releasing for all three platforms on September 13, 2011 in North America, and September 15 in Europe. No specific Aussie date was mentioned, though it's likely we'll see it on the 15th as well.

Unfortunately we didn't see anything new (except we did hear John Goodman's voice behind ne of the NPCs), but can assure you the game is still looking very impressive, and with more than a year to polish under their belts now, you can bet id are going to tighten it up even more. Now we just need some multiplayer information and RAGE will definitely start topping people's Most Wanted lists.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:58am 14/8/10
Guess this means Doom 4 isn't coming ever since the world is going to end in 2012 according to some people. Also rage will have been going for over 4 years so this better be a bloody good game.

last edited by DM at 11:58:44 14/Aug/10
Posted 12:00pm 14/8/10
Wow, still another year away... Sigh...
Posted 12:00pm 14/8/10
Yeh its very un-id to announce a release date that isn't "when it is done", especially when it is so far in advance - I guess this is the influence of Bethesda on their development processes, probably ensuring their production is a bit more tight than it used to be. I will be fascinated to see what the end product is like; while the game doesn't really appeal to me (not really into RPGs) I suspect it will be a pretty big step up from Doom 3.
Posted 12:03pm 14/8/10
Rage is an RPG? Didn't know that. Mind you i've not been following it's development at all. That's pretty cool though since I adore RPGs
Posted 12:13pm 14/8/10
They've also released source code to RtCW and WET, if that interests anyone. About time - I remember going to the AGDC presentation on the RtCW launch.
Posted 12:26pm 14/8/10
i wouldnt call rage an rpg. sure it has some rpg elements, but its far from an rpg.
Posted 12:52pm 14/8/10
It's an FPS/RPG; prolly not as RPG as something like Borderlands but it's more RPG than your typical FPS. Probably a bit unfair to classify as an RPG though, you're right
Posted 04:05pm 14/8/10
Isn't any game where you play the role of a character technically an RPG?
Posted 04:09pm 14/8/10
Not really, you need to some control over the character's development.
Posted 04:32pm 14/8/10
How does having control define whether or not you're filling a role?
Posted 05:00pm 14/8/10
You're an idiot. RPGs in the context of games are pretty clearly defined. Huur is snake an rpg because I am playing the role of a snake??
Posted 01:07pm 15/8/10
Looks to me like ID are dying... im not sure why... carmack seams like he is putting more time into 3d graphics these days and less into his rocket ships etc... so wtf is the problem?

This engine has taken WAY to long to dev and considering its features, its nothing really gamebreaking. About the only thing ive read that rage will have to rivel the newest engines is the dynamic texture loading and display (it can render HUUUUUGE textures in true detail compared to their depth in frame - who cares)
Posted 03:21pm 15/8/10
have they even announced a quake5?
Posted 08:24pm 15/8/10
Looks to me like ID are dying...

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