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Post by Dan @ 05:01am 13/08/10 | 4 Comments
Hot on the heels of the exclusive New York reveal event for BioShock Infinite, AusGamers was further fortunate to score some quality face time with one of Irrational Games' senior staff - Director of Product Development, Tim Gerritson.

We hit Tim with some of the burning questions that hopefully most people will want to know and although most developers can't disclose a lot of stuff this early in the process, he serves up some respectably meaty replies.

Click through to the full interview for responses to questions regarding potential multiplayer, platform parity, the narrative creation process, creative influences and some technical details about the engine that's powering the game.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:49am 13/8/10
I have to wonder how much of the concept is based on Laputa.

Should be awesome, looking foward to seeing more.
Posted 03:59pm 13/8/10
Sounds really promising. I love their stance on multiplayer, wish more developers would look at it that way instead of just throwing in some token multiplayer nobody gives a s*** about so they have another bullet point for the back of the box.
Posted 06:27pm 13/8/10
City in the clouds is more interesting, might try this one... maybe.
Posted 11:56pm 14/8/10
So far I picked out of that, high chance of 3D tech, not going to be a big graphics power house, thus why they can run it the same on all 3 consoles and no multi-player plans yet.

I don't see how he can say all that stuff about not wanting to tack on a multi-player experience and then go to say that if they feel it necessary they will put it in, games been in development for like 3 years? Would be a bit late to add any kind of multi-player that didn't feel tacked on.
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