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Post by Dan @ 04:06am 13/08/10 | 25 Comments
Irrational Games, creators of the original and acclaimed first person shooter BioShock have lifted the veil on their top-secret new project. After three long years of silence, the Boston-based studio have revealed BioShock Infinite -- an all new tale set in the same Universe as the underwater Rapture of the first game, only this time we'll be taken to another fantastical environment -- a city in the clouds called Columbia.

Three screenshots are available, and you can watch the awesome teaser trailer right here on AusGamers.

Update: AusGamers in-depth preview of the event as well as our interview with Irrational Games' Tim Gerritson

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:14am 13/8/10
Hmmm. Could be good.
Posted 08:10am 13/8/10
I love their retrotech utopias, am keen.
Posted 08:38am 13/8/10
looks pretty cool, love the art style
Posted 09:33am 13/8/10
This looks a bit more interesting than Bioshock 2, which didnt really grab me like the original did.
Posted 09:38am 13/8/10
I never finished bioshock as I rage at FPS on console ... is it worth re-picking up the original on PC?
Posted 09:40am 13/8/10
Bioshock 1 is worth finishing, bioshock 2 was lame.

This sounds interesting, have much higher hopes for it then i did bioshock 2
Posted 09:40am 13/8/10
Yes very much so. It's cheap too and thats always good.
Posted 09:47am 13/8/10
The Icarus plot goes something along the lines of waking up in a derelict hangar bay/plane crash/fish tank then finding your way into an abandoned spacecraft/underwater city/floating metropolis.
After an initial encounter with horribly biologically/genetically/mechanically mutated creatures, you're led on quests by the sole remaining authority figure, Dr Polito/Atlas/the Rose Lady, to perform tasks that they somehow cannot.
Towards the end, you realise that Oh No! the authority figure that you've been talking to this whole time wasn't who they said they were and instead is SHODAN/Andrew Ryan/a puppet for the robot creatures themselves, and you spend your remaining time upgrading your cybernetic modules/plasmids/telekenetic & levitation skills to defeat them and their remnants.
Posted 10:36am 13/8/10
It's a formula that works. :P
Posted 10:41am 13/8/10
free government cookies to all who digg this!
Posted 10:44am 13/8/10
bioshock 2 was lame.
Weird, I felt the second game did a better job with it's story than the first.
Posted 10:46am 13/8/10
cant digg without and account? lame!
Posted 10:47am 13/8/10
You can digg if you have Facebook (who doesn't have Facebook) using FB Connect; it takes like 2 seconds
Posted 10:47am 13/8/10
They should of stopped after first one
now its just the same old s*** different location
Posted 10:54am 13/8/10
You can digg if you have Facebook (who doesn't have Facebook) using FB Connect; it takes like 2 seconds

i dont :)
Posted 11:06am 13/8/10
I wonder if Lando will be there.
Posted 11:07am 13/8/10
System Shock/System Shock 2 - space
Bioshock/Bioshock 2 - underwater
Bioshock Infinite - sky/clouds

Based on themes used in other games, we could see future Bioshock games with the following themes:
Posted 11:58am 13/8/10
Multidimensional, Virtual?
Posted 03:18pm 13/8/10
Damn it's so good lookin', but I hate finding out about games I won't get for a couple of years. D:
Posted 03:47pm 13/8/10
System Shock/System Shock 2 - space
Bioshock/Bioshock 2 - underwater
Bioshock Infinite - sky/clouds

System Shock/System Shock 2 - awesome
Bioshock/Bioshock 2 - yawn
Bioshock Infinite - ????
Posted 03:55pm 13/8/10
i hope they fix the gunplay aspect of the game. For me that was the only let down of the first game
Posted 09:39am 15/8/10
bioshock goes steampunk?
Posted 10:42am 15/8/10
It's a formula that works. :P

I must admit, you are indeed correct. :)
Posted 05:08pm 15/8/10
I'm always correct!
Posted 10:32pm 16/8/10
Out of the 3 trailers that I've just watched, this was certainly the most eye-pleasing and the most interesting.
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