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Post by Dan @ 01:26am 11/08/10 | 3 Comments
Irrational Games, developers of the critically acclaimed BioShock and System Shock titles have a big reveal coming up this week, with the veil on their latest new game due to be lifted at a special event in New York in a little over 24 hours time.

The secrecy surrounding this one has been extremely tight lipped and there doesn't seem to be much on the rumour-mill except utter speculation. All we have to go on so far is this teaser website and the codename "Project Icarus".

The teaser site has been displaying a slowly rotating series of images and Internet sleuths over on the have collected and combined these grabs to form an infinity symbol with a peek at some kind of hidden image within it.

Thanks to the awesome folk at 2K Games, AusGamers will be among those attending the media reveal and we'll be sure to share all of our findings once the news goes public after 1:45pm August 12 2010 US Eastern (4am Friday morning Aug-13-2010 Sydney time).

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Posted 08:11am 11/8/10
:o Secrecy doesn't have lips! ;P

Whatever it is, I hope it's more FPS and less RPG (if it is an FPS). I know BioShock was a pretty decent balance but it was such an cool world and atmosphere and everything, the RPG elements just still felt a bit too grindy for my personal liking..
Posted 09:45am 11/8/10
The Icarus plot goes something along the lines of waking up in a derelict hangar bay/plane crash/______ then finding your way into an abandoned spacecraft/underwater city/_______.
After an initial encounter with horribly biologically/genetically/_______ mutated creatures, you're led on quests by the sole remaining authority figure, Dr Polito/Atlas/_______, to perform tasks that they somehow cannot.
Towards the end, you realise that Oh No! the authority figure that you've been talking to this whole time wasn't who they said they were and instead is SHODAN/Andrew Ryan/_______, and you spend your remaining time upgrading your cybernetic modules/plasmids/_______ to defeat them and their remnants.
Posted 10:37am 11/8/10
BioShock Creators Tease Their Next Tit... (Source: AusGamers News)

Title is so misleading..
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