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Post by trog @ 12:35pm 10/08/10 | 11 Comments
A reminder that Google are hosting an "ICT policy forum" that is kicking off at 12.50pm today and will be broadcast live on YouTube.

From the official Google blog:
Were teaming up with the Australian Computer Society, Viocorp and Sky News to bring you a pre-election forum with Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy; Shadow Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, the Hon Tony Smith MP; and Greens ICT spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam.

YouTube will live stream the ICT Policy Forum on (youtube.com/australiavotes) where each participant will outline their partys stance and key election priorities in the ICT area, as well as strategic visions for the next decade.
While we're all familiar with the plans of our current government to filter our tubes (and Conroy's usual explanations for the reasons behind it), it should be an interesting discussion, so if you have the ability to watch it on your lunch break or something, do so!

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:58pm 10/8/10
Gonna watch this. Should be interesting! I must say, it's fun seeing Conroy be a d*******. (even though it's horrifying because he has power)

Yay, it's started!
Posted 01:00pm 10/8/10
Tubes are blocked at work, so even on my lunch I cant watch it.
Posted 01:02pm 10/8/10
FARK! Conroy makes me rage. Just the way he talks. Fucccccccccccck. He pauses between every f*****g word.
Posted 01:10pm 10/8/10
Conroy knows that our dishwashers NEED the NBN.
Posted 01:13pm 10/8/10
I can't stand listening to politicians. Man, they can talk up some crap.
Posted 01:26pm 10/8/10
I am checking this out, it's a good idea they arranged the debate.
Posted 01:28pm 10/8/10
yep its interesting so far. Conroy picked up on the obvious problem with the Liberal proposal in that it doesn't address the last mile, and without splitting Telstra then that is a big deal when it comes to real competition. It's a valid point, but without a real cost-benefit analysis I still maintain it's dumb to give fibre to everyone
Posted 01:36pm 10/8/10
Haha, Conroy's moment. The filter.
Posted 01:57pm 10/8/10
zzzzzzz at all the questions about speed, what are these journalists doing? I think the first answer he gave was adequate - if you want to spend unlimited money, sure you can give everyone faster speeds

12mbit is faster than what I can get now
Posted 02:07pm 10/8/10
I think Ludlam did the best job. The other two just had too much spin. I have less confidence in Smith than I do Conroy.
Posted 02:11pm 10/8/10
Yeh Ludlam stood out as reasonable by far, but to be fair he didn't have either of them sniping at him like Conroy and Smith were doing to each other (losers).

Ludlam and the Greens long-term plan for the NBN I like much better than Labors. I'm not turned around on the matter by any means, but I certainly prefer their vision for keeping it a government-managed entity.
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