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Post by trog @ 02:36pm 02/08/10 | 10 Comments
This brand new press release from EA threw us a bit; it basically includes the first official confirmation (that we've seen, anyway) that Battlefield 3 is currently in development, in the form of promising it to you if you buy the limited edition of Medal of Honor. There's no other information (other than MOH stuff), but here's what they say:
Want to be among the first to get hands-on with Battlefield 3? If you own Medal of Honor Limited Edition you will receive an invitation to the Battlefield 3 beta within 12-months following the release of Medal of Honor.
It's also up on the EA beta site. An interesting tactic; bribing you with beta access to a game that will no doubt be hugely anticipated, but only if you buy one that is slightly less than anticipated!

battlefield 3medal of honorbeta
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:40pm 02/8/10
Dudes you wrote "if you pre-order Medal of Honor"
you need to buy Medal of Honor Limited Edition
pre-order only gives you the MOH beta
Posted 02:42pm 02/8/10
Dudes you wrote "if you pre-order Medal of Honor"you need to buy Medal of Honor Limited Editionpre-order only gives you the MOH beta
totally correct, thanks!
Posted 03:26pm 02/8/10
I wanna be pumped for BF 3 as I enjoyed BF2 (until the hacks overran it) but given the way EA is handling their shooters at the moment I see it just being another re-skin of bad company. I'm sure as hell not buying MoH.
Posted 03:43pm 02/8/10
I wouldn't mind another future warfare like 2142 or even purely based in space. i'd think twice about BF3 if it's in modern setting couldn't be too different from BC2.
Posted 04:28pm 02/8/10
If they get to Dice to make BF3, count me out. I hate what they've done to Medal of Honour's MP, and I certainly am not going to be buying it on release day. Be pirating it for SP and that's all.
Posted 04:34pm 02/8/10
BF1/2 has tradionally been on bigger maps, cant think of one map in BC2 that would support planes particularly well
Posted 04:48pm 02/8/10
And I do have to say, it's pretty low of them to offer a beta key for a game we hope will be awesome, only when purchasing a s***** game.
Posted 06:03pm 02/8/10
I hate what they've done to Medal of Honour's MP

Agreed. The MP in the beta is terrible.
Kind of like they've taken the worst parts of BC2 and tried to mix it in with elements of CoD5 gamepley. It just doesn't work.
Posted 07:20pm 02/8/10
I would only buy this s***** game if they deducted the price of it from BF3. Seriously it's terrible.
Posted 11:11pm 02/8/10
Im kinda suprised by the moh hate. I didn't find it too bad.
Kinda flimsy ( only way I can describe it ><) and probably wont stack up against black ops and such once it's released but I think you guys are being a bit harsh :P
Although I am owning the beta atm,so i'm kinda biased haha
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