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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:39am 02/08/10 | 21 Comments
Halo: Reach will actively reach into the stats and habits of players to monitor performance, or more so, a forced lack thereof. Players who engage in "rage-quitting", an act that involves being smashed during multiplayer, raging at being inadequate or incapable, and quitting midway through the match, will be monitored and if said quits are of a habitual nature, chances are Bungie will have your number.

"We actually have new tools now to detect that and eventually, people who do this habitually will actually be penalised," Bungie Community Manager told Xbox 360 Achievements. "We want to be able to remove them from the population so they can't make everyone else keep having a bad time."

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:48am 02/8/10
making people rage quit = you having a bad time? i love making people rage quit. seems like a waste of time and resources to me.
Posted 09:53am 02/8/10

I'm missing something for sure. The game developer wants to enforce staying in a losing game?

In StarCraft I love a good rage quit ... means I can rack up the win and requeue faster! :)
Posted 09:48am 02/8/10
I don't play the game, is there something about Halo that makes it wrong to quit when you're not having fun?
Bit unfair to force people to stay in a game, especially when your mum might be nagging you to get off.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:55am 02/8/10
it's more about habitual rage-quitters - especially given the stat-recording and building nature of the Halo MP experience
Posted 10:00am 02/8/10
it's more about habitual rage-quitters - especially given the stat-recording and building nature of the Halo MP experience

That sounds like a problem with the stat system then.

Using my current obsession as an example, there is next to no benefit to surrendering the match early in StarCraft other than finding a better game - if it costs you a lost match then it sucks in every way. All that matters in the end is did you get the win.

Bungie probably have too many retarded achievements and stats in their ranking system (smells like kill ratio fo sho) that encourages quitting a difficult match, rather than promoting successful completion of the main game's objectives.
Posted 10:03am 02/8/10
ridiculous imo. why should game developers care if people quit mid-game?
my quakelive stats would make you think i rage-quit a lot coz i often quit mid-game.... but it's got nothing to do with rage. i quit when there is something actually worthwhile to go do :P

that said... i never play halo so i don't really care that much :D
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:05am 02/8/10
Yeah, that's a good point - I certainly jump out of a lot of MP matches if I have a bad connection, though the Halo match-making system in connecting to regionilised hosts is fairly robust, I'd like to ask them about the fundamentals and "tools" behind the move though
Posted 10:25am 02/8/10
doesn't sound to bad but like other people has touched on sometimes you quit mid game for other reasons. I often quit if my nets going a bit slow or ive got to do something.
Posted 10:56am 02/8/10
Bit unfair to force people to stay in a game, especially when your mum might be nagging you to get off.

Yeah but Halo players mums are always nagging someone to get them off so they can either call another bloke or wait.
Posted 12:38pm 02/8/10
If you buy the game and want to quit a game then thats your right.
Why should the company tell you how to play its game ?

Its an attack on gamers rights.

Posted 01:04pm 02/8/10
Posted 11:12pm 02/8/10
I really dislike achievements and stats in game, people just don't jump into game to shoot each other for fun anymore. What should matter is the game just won or lost, the Internet should forget or start decaying kdr and other stats over time.

Otherwise i want my achievement for not taking a s*** just so i could kick your ass one more time.
Posted 11:18pm 02/8/10
Sounds like a s*** game I bet it is on xbox
Posted 11:18pm 02/8/10
sounds retarded.

as has been said, making someone rage quit is great. tf2 has an achievement for it ffs.

forcing people to endure something they're not enjoying is an awesome way to keep players...

I don't understand the logic behind this at all.
Posted 11:24pm 02/8/10
Instead of punishing rage quitters why not reward people who stay in a match? Positive action is far better than negative action.
Posted 11:40pm 02/8/10
It's annoying when players RQ during multiplayer CoH for example. But in a pub? Who gives a s***?
Posted 12:30am 03/8/10
I like it when people quit. Especially in RTS games where you just gotta kill base or whatever.
Posted 07:04pm 03/8/10
I don't know about Halo but rage quitters are the scum of the earth in Heroes of Newerth. If one guy on your team leaves it's instant loss. There goes your pretty stats you spent many hours on.

Although in hon their leaver % is recorded. Often people permanently disconnect though and you lose.

Dunno about Halo though.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:19pm 03/8/10
it can be frustrating if you're playing peer to peer as well, because if the host rage quits, it f**** everyone else over
Posted 08:45pm 03/8/10
I see no problem in rage quitting to be honest.
In something like RTS/SC2 for example, you know when you are beaten and there is no possible comeback (for example you have no army and there are 50 dudes in your base and being reinforced - with no expansion set up as a secondary base).

In the end, its worse when people fly or start putting pylons etc. all over the map just to play egg hunt for the win and delaying/wasting time unnecessarily.

In a FPS, why would you want to play against someone who plays competitively for example when you only play an hour on a weekend of something?

Furthermore, this will not stop ragequitting, people will just rage-afk.
Posted 09:12pm 03/8/10
Consoles are bad.
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