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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:36am 28/07/10 | 3 Comments
For fans of Remedy's Alan Wake who feel the game (and story) left them slightly hanging (albeit deliberately), the wait is *almost* over as the first of a string of planned DLC episodes is now *almost* available from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Signal kicks things off right where you left them (as well as fixes a few bugs, apparently); serving up more of that signature creepy Alan Wake atmosphere, while also fleshing out the game-world and rich lore the guys have made. You can queue up the content now by clicking here, and it's currently available in North America, with Australia to follow, basically any minute now.

Check out the trailer below for more.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:07am 28/7/10
Still need to do the second half of Alan Wake. great game but RDR took up all my time :P
Posted 12:01pm 28/7/10
If you have a redeem code (which you should in the box if you bought it new), you don't have to wait for it to appear on the marketplace. I entered in the code yesterday and was able to download it no probs.

Already finished it as well.....short but awesome :)
Posted 02:02pm 28/7/10
redeemed yesterday, played through in just over an hour.

The gameplay was much more refined, but the story was kind of absent after the frequent cutscenes in the original.

Good for free, but hardly worth the wait.

On a side note, I only just noticed that the original game starts with a quote that says the best horror stories are the ones that arent explained, which makes me think this game isnt going to get a proper ending.
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