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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:15am 23/07/10 | 8 Comments
The first batch of downloadable content for High Moon Studios' Transformers: War For Cybertron has been revealed in the form of five new characters playable in Escalation and multiplayer, and four new multiplayer maps.
Two brand new characters: Fan favorites SCATTERSHOT and ONSLAUGHT, whose named characters will be playable in Escalation mode and chassis will be accessible in traditional multiplayer. Three previous retailer-exclusive characters: SHOCKWAVE, DEMOLISHOR and JAZZ, playable in the aforementioned modes and four new maps:
  • Escalation maps DISTRICT and FORSAKEN
  • Multiplayer maps HAVOK and FORTRESS
We have a batch of new screens showcasing the above as well as a trailer showing it all together, and accompanied by some awesome, awesome tunes. If you haven't picked up this fun robot-smashing romp yet, check out our review to find out why you should.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:22am 23/7/10
I finished this just before jetting to San Fran last week - really enjoyed it all the way through - I was hoping we'd see some single-player DLC to flesh out the story in an epilogue kind of way... maybe next time
Posted 11:09am 23/7/10
I still haven't picked up this game yet... job interviews and uni are killing my gaming life and i'm beginning to feel very anti-social as a result of this.

Time to put my foot down..
Posted 11:32am 23/7/10
I assume there's no price has been set yet?
The GuVna
Posted 11:58am 23/7/10
I wonder if they will patch in voice chat & type chat, that is usually standard in team based online games :)
Posted 12:02pm 23/7/10
I assume there's no price has been set yet?
800 Microsoft points or USD9.99
Posted 12:39pm 23/7/10
There hasn't been a single update made since the game was released, and now they want us to fork out for DLC? pfft.
Posted 12:40pm 23/7/10
It's not a Valve game.
Posted 12:47pm 23/7/10
Updates as in fixes for bugs, balancing, netcode changes, basically s*** that should have been in the initial product. There has been precisely d*** for the windows version of this game.
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