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Post by Dan @ 03:56pm 20/07/10 | 8 Comments
Today's AusGamers review is a little title platforming gem, the debut title from Danish indie developer Playdead, available from tomorrow (July 21st 2010) on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 at 1200 Microsoft Points.
The tagline for LIMBO simply reads: ďUncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO.Ē and thatís all you need to know. This is a game that is best discovered and not explained, so if youíre reading up on this game to help you determine whether or not you should buy it, you can stop right now. You should buy this game. ďI donít know; itís pretty expensive.Ē Just shut up and help support independent developers already.
Read on for the complete review.

The E3 trailer and several screenshots can be found on our LIMBO game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:33pm 20/7/10
What's this on?
Posted 04:37pm 20/7/10
Great review, except putting brackets and pluses around your thoughts is really tacty and makes it feel like a blog.
Posted 04:39pm 20/7/10
Looks good. Be nice if it was on more than just the 360 though.
Posted 05:09pm 20/7/10
I might get this...
Posted 05:10pm 20/7/10
do want.

So highly recomended in the industry at the moment.

Posted 11:04am 22/7/10
I'm a gunna try it when I get home! thanks for the review Shufti.
Posted 01:32pm 29/7/10
Yeah, I bought this the other night, its pretty damn cool. And so brutally violent at times, I wasn't expecting that :)
Posted 01:35pm 29/7/10
I finished this tuesday night. Well worth the time.
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