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Post by Dan @ 10:18am 16/07/10 | 11 Comments
The folks at Ubisoft have reminded us that their forthcoming strategy title R.U.S.E is having a "free weekend" for PC gamers on Steam.

According to the press release, the promotion kicks off today and runs until July 19th 2010, however it's unclear which timezone it refers to and also conflicts with information on the Steam site that states the offer ends at 1pm Pacific time on July 18th. Regardless, it's a good opportunity for strategy buffs to check this one out.

[Update]: Ubisoft have announced that the trial period has been extended until July 21st at 3PM PST (8am Thursday Sydney time).

Unlike other Steam "free weekend" promos that temporarily offer the full retail multiplayer game free of charge, this one appears to be more like a multiplayer demo, offering PC gamers a limited assortment of the multiplayer content expected in the final game come September. Here's the list:
  • All factions (5): US, France, Germany, USSR, ITALY, UK
  • 7 different maps for various game modes: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3/2v2v2, 4v4
  • Ranked matches: 1v1 & 2v2
  • Unranked matches: Quick, Host & Join (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 2v2v2)
  • IA Battles: Regular Mode, Easy, Medium and Hard Levels, with all factions available for IA.
R.U.S.E. is slated for a September 9 2010 launch on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:21am 16/7/10
played a bit when they had the beta on... was pretty fun
Posted 05:44pm 16/7/10
Gonna give it another go since it comes off my free quota.
Posted 03:01am 17/7/10
They unfortunatly f***ed up and introduced an auto-kick which is bugging out to the extent that aussies can't play anyone outside of australia.
And given that Australia is divided into like 8 different steam 'download regions' it's very difficult to find a game at the moment.

The balance changes are excellent though, they should have both of the above issues fixed shortly, and before the release.
Posted 11:47pm 17/7/10
im liking this. red alert all over.
Posted 12:13am 18/7/10

Yet another game account and getting booted in middle of games ...
Posted 05:18pm 18/7/10
Tried playing it except it kept freezing my machine at launch and forced me to reboot. Tried different drivers, no luck so I deleted it.
Posted 08:45pm 18/7/10
Tried playing it except it kept freezing my machine at launch and forced me to reboot. Tried different drivers, no luck so I deleted it.

Didnt even get a chance to try it. It had removed itself from steam by this morning. What a bunch of retards they are. If your going to have a free weekend to check the thing out, let it run for the f*****g weekend! I know about different time zones and everything but would it have hurt to let it run for 3 days!?

F** em, they wont be getting my money
Posted 11:18pm 18/7/10
Yeah, last time I checked a weekend doesn't start on Thursday which is when the "free weekend" started. Lucky I had bandwidth to burn.

All other games that I use for distraction played fine.
Posted 08:49am 19/7/10
I grabbed it sat morning and spent the day playing it... if i had something better to do i would have dumped it in a heartbeat.

but as a fun time waster it is pretty awesome, however i did find it fairly easy to rush flying fortresses with p90 escorts and bombing runs became pretty simple ways of racking up the points.
Posted 08:57am 19/7/10
Didnt even get a chance to try it. It had removed itself from steam by this morning.
Not going to bother with a separate news post, but we received this press release this morning:
The R.U.S.E. Free Preview Weekend has been extended! Keep playing now through Wednesday, July 21st at 3PM PST
Posted 12:51am 20/7/10
I enjoyed the earlier Multiplayer beta they ran, but on principal I'm never going to buy an Ubisoft game due to the DRM measures, which eXemplar already detailed above.

It's a shame because they've got some fun games out, but I'm not playing or paying an Ubisoft title until they introduce DRM mesaures a bit less... s***.
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