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Post by Dan @ 01:40pm 15/07/10 | 15 Comments
EA Australia sends word, re-confirming an October 14th 2010 release date and detailing the contents of the expected "limited edition" release of their upcoming Medal of Honor first person shooter.
The Limited Edition version of Medal of Honor will grant players exclusive access to the MP7, a unique weapon utilized by Tier 1 Operators in the field. Limited Edition owners will also benefit from day-one access to the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns, while others must rank up to secure these weapon unlocks. Gamers can pre-order the Limited Edition now at at no additional cost.
EA have been doing a lot of this kind of thing lately to encourage pre-orders and using single-redeem DLC codes in the retail box to discourage re-sale. What does everyone think, is giving pre-order customers a couple of extra weapons a reasonable strategy?

Check out the limited edition trailer for a look at these weapons in action.

Medal of Honor hits Australian shelves for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 14 2010.

medal of honorlimited editiontrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:43pm 15/7/10
DLC is lame.

I had to put in the special edition disc of alan wake to unlock the extras that i got with the collectors edition. What a waste of my time.
Posted 01:54pm 15/7/10
Hasn't everyone been doing that? :S Limited Edition has always had a neat feature that standard edition doesn't get, and also early access to certain things.

Also, on the note of Medal of Honor itself, I'm not going to be buying such a s***** piece of fps bulls***. Playing the "beta" at the moment, and it's far from ready. It's actually worse then the BFBC2 beta, and that's very strange seen as how it's the same company. Ah well, might pirate for SP if it's worth it.
Posted 02:11pm 15/7/10
I think it's great to see companies giving a genuine reason in free DLC to actually purchase the game rather then trying to tie it all down in painful DRM to force the purchase. (SP) I'm still not sure how this will prevent piracy only reduce second hand purchasing, as I'm sure the pirate groups will find it rather trivial to include the DLC in the packages anyway? (MP) Of course the codes given with each brand new game is server side unlock codes this will certainly encourage purchasing.

They've been doing it for a little while, I hope this approach will see DRM fade away, I'm allowed to dream :)
The only danger I can see is if they include parts that should be part of the game as one time DLC making buying second hand copies of the game useless. Knowing EA's history this will likely be within the year.

Still I think the best way to combat piracy is Steam's approach of making it both cheap and easy to purchase the latest and greatest games.
Posted 02:26pm 15/7/10
Steam pretty much has it down pat. They have a easy to understand system of purchase, it's cheap and easy to download. Most of their users have more then 40gb's worth of download quota, so they are more then comfortable to download the game.
Posted 03:05pm 15/7/10
No mention of the remastered version of MoH: Frontline?
I truly they announce this soon -__-
Posted 03:15pm 15/7/10
I don't much care about their s***** methods to combat re-sale or to get more pre-orders. The game quality is what matters and this one is terribad.
Posted 03:25pm 15/7/10
They have a easy to understand system of purchase, it's cheap

not when ur comparing aus : anywhere else in the world.

our steam prices are always 10-30% more expensive than anywhere else in the world.

Posted 05:47pm 15/7/10
Thats true, but i've set up a proxy that allows me to use the us system
Posted 05:55pm 15/7/10
They have a easy to understand system of purchase

Try using EA store... that place is a total nightmare. (I know you were referring to Steam, I'm just saying... EA store should not even exist)
Posted 08:56pm 15/7/10
Haha, is it just like they put together a s***** checkout system that half works?
Posted 03:33pm 16/7/10
They release so many bad games and put f*** all effort into any of them. Last decent one is BFBC2, and thats just a f*****g rip of all the others in the franchise with smaller maps which help the action and pace. its a wonder to how the f*** ea stay afloat. Oh thats right, you buy out all your competition.
Posted 03:37pm 16/7/10
and release retarded games, for a retarded generation.
Posted 10:57am 17/7/10
Wow this game looks so good on the trailer yet when i tried the Beta it was so bad... i heard it has destructible environments but i couldn't blow anything up like i can in BFBC2. I'm gettin sick of BFBC2 it needs a proper map pack and badly, the game engine looks so nice on some maps but so s*** on others, desert maps look awesome.

I want a BF1942 remake (a proper one with all the vehicles and awesomely huge maps - damn i miss that game so much)
Posted 12:44am 20/7/10
@Weedy - Really? I find there's waaaaaaaaay too much bloom on desert maps. Bloom can be nice, don't get me wrong, just I find it frustrating when my screen is a blend of white and sand-coloured glare.

Also, MoH has destructible terrain to an extent - you can break certain elements of maps - boxes, crates, whatever. It doesn't have the Destruction 2.0 that makes BC2 special. That said, it couldn't afford to. When you have maps as small as MoH, they'd be totally destroyed in... what... 10 minutes of play?

@Original topic - It's a pretty lame 'Special Edition'/pre-order bonus, but when it's the same price as the 'normal' version, I guess it makes sense that... you pay nothing extra, you get nothing extra. The only real thing here is that EA is punishing those who don't preorder. Whatever, we already knew EA is one of the various corporate incarnations of The Beast.
Posted 10:05pm 24/7/10
Anyone know of some australian servers? The ping is f*****g horrific
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