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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:04am 12/07/10 | 7 Comments
2K Games just sent through details outlining their plans for a Special Edition release of Si Meier's Civilization V, which will be made in available in Australia from September 24 for a cool AU$129.95.
In addition to a copy of the highly anticipated game, the following elements are included in the Civilization V Special Edition:
  • Five metal figurines based on units from Civilization V and manufactured by Reaper Miniatures
  • 2 disc CD soundtrack of game score selections
  • DVD "Behind the Scenes at Firaxis on Civilization V"
  • 176 page hardcover art book
We'll have more on Civ V on the site in the not-too-distant future, but we can tell you with a brand new game engine, and an even deeper gameplay experience, this is shaping up to be the best Civ yet. Stay tuned.

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Posted 10:55am 12/7/10
Posted 10:56am 12/7/10
That's how a proper collectors edition should be. Who needs Steam,eh?
Posted 11:02am 12/7/10
They need to include stuff like that to encourage physical sales. It would be nice if you could still activate it on steam though.

The price isn't that bad either, only $10 more than they are selling MW2 :P
Posted 11:39am 12/7/10
Reaper make some great minis, I wonder who sculpted them.

Wonder if you can get the minis directly from Reaper...
Cat Scratch
Posted 12:29pm 12/7/10
Meh - maybe only worth it for the book

DVD is fun - for the first time that you watch it

miniatures don't look painted - so unless you are into painting miniatures (or they are painted) then they will sit there and collect dust.

just give me the game already
Posted 02:08pm 12/7/10
It would be nice if you could still activate it on steam though.

You should be able to anyway, just enter the cdkey into steam.
Posted 02:14pm 12/7/10
As a long-time Civ fan the primary physical item I want is a good thick manual.
The Civ2 manual was so well-written, I'd often read it purely for recreation.

Tech tree posters are nice, but they're so large nowadays that I prefer using the electronic version as it's easier to find what I'm after, much like unit info, promotions, etc.

Precious little interest in the soundtrack CDs and DVD - all that content
should be on the game disc in the form of audio and video files.

After all nobody uses CDs these days, and I'll watch the special
features maybe once or twice, if ever, and certainly not in a DVD player.

Art book and figurines - not my thing, but I guess some people like them.
Again, the art should be on the game disc - a 'special edition game disc' if need be.

Also, NO FREAKIN' DRM on the media files! If you're going to provide it, it must be in a format that's capable of being imported to MP3 players, played by video players, viewed by one's favourite picture viewing software. Forcing us to use your pet player is just the sort of thing that encourages piracy.

And for crying out loud Sid, are you ever going to let us go past the year 2050? I want futuristic techs already!
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