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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:49pm 08/07/10 | 8 Comments
We have a full video interview for you up today, speaking with id Software's Matt Hooper about all things RAGE.

The game has caused quite a buzz in the games industry, walking away from E3 with a handful of 'Best of Show' awards, and we were also might impressed (which can be witnessed in our extensive preview). In our interview we talk to Matt about platform parity, hue and colour palettes, freedom, engineering, gameplay similarities and more. As usual, we have both the video interview and a full transcript, embedded within one another for your convenience right here.

idinterviewe3ragematt hooper
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:54pm 08/7/10
Posted 07:24pm 08/7/10
Looks like it will be an enjoyable game. I still feel the texture resolution in this is tragic though, those walls.....Thank god the community will fix it up quick smart.
Posted 07:32pm 08/7/10
This to me is looking like a non cel-shaded version of borderlands. ID games have a good rep though with their releases so i'm sure it'll play better than that though.
Posted 11:05pm 08/7/10
AG: Does that include multiplayer?

Matt: Again, besides controls and some of the obvious elements, the experience should be pretty similar.


Laggy unplayable Games for Windows / P2P crap.
Posted 01:48pm 10/7/10
again, the ausgamers crew have conducted an awesome interview. the interviewer comes across as knowledgable and well prepped, asking important questions in these interviews and not the generic crap you could read on any dozens of other gaming sites. the interview for brink is a prime example, keep up the awesome work fellas!
Posted 03:22pm 10/7/10
I was giving them the benefit of the doubt before, but this interview has made it clear to me that this is the Borderlands Alpha version (before 2K switched the graphics). The guy talks about how id have made innovative moves in the past, then gives an example of this: there's vehicles with guns in the game! Not sure where I've seen that before. The 'blueprints' also sound very similar to what the 'skills' in Borderlands did. The 'desert with a crater in the ground that is lush and "alien"-looking' description of the game's visuals made me wince (brought back painful memories of Borderland's terrible ending). Even the guy your interviewing sounds unsure of the innovativeness: "maybe some things that you haven't seen before". Oh yeah? Like a giant garbage dump??
Maybe I'm being too harsh, but I honestly can't see a single difference between this and Borderlands, aside from the graphics. I think their press releases should focus on how this isn't Borderlands, because as it is I can't justify spending money on the alpha version of Borderlands.
Posted 09:23pm 10/7/10
Well the vehicles in borderlands were absolutely, hilariously bad, so theres plenty of room to improve there. And the world was pretty dull and lifeless too. As long as this has some kind of useable solution for multiplayer, as opposed to Borderlands pathetic excuse, I'll probably play more of it than I did Borderlands.
Posted 07:10am 11/7/10
To be fair, RAGE was actually announced before borderlands, and loooong before borderlands' change of graphic style. So you really have to be giving id the benefit of the doubt that the similarities the two share are purely coincidental and they just both wanted to make a mad-max road-warrior post-apocalyptic style game.

Gameplay wise, it would seem the two will be pretty different, as RAGE doesn't seem to have the same kind of grinding action-RPG elements.
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