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Post by trog @ 11:02am 08/07/10 | 6 Comments
The official Team Fortress 2 blog is up to Day Three in the listing of cool new stuff you can expect to see in the upcoming Engineer update, and today's reveal is a new map called Hightower.

You can check out the Engineer update promo page which has word of the other changes announced so far, including "The Wranger", a remote sentry gun controller and "Frontier Justice", a replacement for the shotgun which boasts two crits for every kill your sentry racks up.

The Engineer Update is almost officially upon us, and be sure to let us know as soon as you've given it an official run, your thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:15am 08/7/10
And its all free !!!
Posted 11:18am 08/7/10
Posted 11:20am 08/7/10
bring on the new map - woot!!
Posted 11:22am 08/7/10
should be wrangler not wranger
Posted 01:02pm 08/7/10
haha wow apparently a list of wrench drop times was leaked and a few tf2 players got a hold of it and used to it get a wrench. theyve now been banned.

its kinda lame if the times are set.
Posted 01:22pm 08/7/10
ravn0s? more info pls?? sounds exciting

edit: I found the chat log.
Man, if you knew what time to craft something to get the wrench, why would you NOT do it??

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