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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:31pm 07/07/10 | 20 Comments
In an interview with develop-Online, Sony World Wide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, has said that when Kaz Hirai took over from Ken Kutaragi as SCE head, his first order of business was to get moving on the next generation of Sony console hardware and to ensure first-party devs were on board in helping manifest the new hardware from day one, a move that has been a long time coming in the Sony R&D camp.

"The first thing Kaz said was, "get World Wide Studios in on hardware development"," Yoshida told Develop. "So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us."

When asked if that meant they were officially working on new console hardware, Yoshida emphatically answered "yes, we are undergoing many activities that we haven't yet been talking about in public. Some future platform related activities."

It's no surprise that they're already looking at new hardware development, most hardware publishers are always in R&D a long while before coming to market, but given Sony's insistence they're sticking to a 10-year life-span for the PS3, a statement like this is a bit out-of-left-field (he'll probably be scolded for it).

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Posted 02:35pm 07/7/10
of coure it is. i remember reading an article that development on the ps3 had started before the ps2 had even launched.

microsoft and nintendo would also be working on their next consoles.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:47pm 07/7/10
apparently nintendo are all over 3D out of the box for Wii II: The Revenge
Posted 02:49pm 07/7/10
i hope 3d doesnt take off, im not a huge fan of it.

if i watch it for too long i get chronic headaches and caines my eyes :(
Posted 02:50pm 07/7/10
I have an uncle who works at Sonysoft and she has given me a Playbox 720 to demo. Yeah it's okay I guess.
Posted 02:53pm 07/7/10
uncle who works at Sonysoft and she

what sort of a f***ed up family do u have, uncles who are she's
Posted 02:55pm 07/7/10
Wow you picked up on that? You should be a f*****g detective or something.
Posted 02:55pm 07/7/10
i pretty much am
Posted 02:57pm 07/7/10
Posted 03:06pm 07/7/10
haha this thread was derailed pretty quickly, well played qgl :)

on topic, the PS3 rocks, so no doubt the ps4 will be cain0r

maybe GT5 will be the launch title for PS4 :p
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:13pm 07/7/10
Changed the News Post headline - the key point to this is not that it's happening (because that's a no-brainer), but that Sony are finally going to their key software guys to get in on the ground floor - the PS3 is notoriously hard to develop for, as was the PS2, so it's good news they're talking intimately with their first-parties
Posted 03:19pm 07/7/10
..wipeout, seriously?
Posted 03:20pm 07/7/10
I call bs on FPOT!

I love my PS3, most used console in the house, works a charm as a media extender and its exclusive titles have always been enjoyable to play.

I look forward to a PS4, and will continue to endorse all of sony's products.

(In saying that i hate 3D, and i think is a fad that sony is wasting money on)

Posted 04:13pm 07/7/10
Are Sony going to make a game console this time or just another Bluray player
Posted 06:38pm 07/7/10
Bring on the PS4 so I can get a cheap PS3!! (only way I can justify spending any amount of money to play Wipeout HD).

I'd smash Jill Wagner.
Crizane Tribal
Posted 06:53pm 07/7/10
In before a console fanboy war...

This is a very smart move by Sony. As mentioned earlier, their hardware has often been notoriously hard to develop for. This is the price you pay when you use extremely specialised hardware. Hopefully they'll be able to use more off-the-shelf parts this time around.
Posted 07:20pm 07/7/10
I'd smash Jill Wagner.

Yup, my big balls would definitely be red!
Posted 12:04am 08/7/10
the Dreamcast rocks, so no doubt the Dreamcast2 will be cain0r
Posted 06:47pm 14/7/10
I just can't wait to see the graphical improvement in the next generation of consoles, I'm really hoping that its either really close to or better than crysis as a minimum, otherwise I can't see much point in buying the next gen (yes im a graphics whore)
Posted 08:04pm 14/7/10
i hope 3d doesnt take off, im not a huge fan of it.

if i watch it for too long i get chronic headaches and caines my eyes :(

It'll probably get better/we'll get used to it/we'll degrade our eyesight so we can handle it. People used to hate looking at PC monitors all day.
Posted 11:34am 15/7/10
coming soon to a PS4 near you, Duke Nukem Forever?
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