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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:27am 07/07/10 | 8 Comments
Funcom are working their arses off to keep people checking out their Age of Conan MMO, imploring old and new players alike to check out the newest expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, with the added bonus of a free 10 trial.
The offer is available until July 15th and includes 10 days of free access to the expansion, as well as 10 days of free access to the core game for those with currently inactive accounts. All players have received a campaign e-mail, and can take advantage of the offer on their account page.
It's good to see these guys are maintaining a dedicated stance over their product, despite fluctuating sales.

You can learn more by clicking here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:30am 07/7/10
This game not dead? Odd...
Posted 10:33am 07/7/10
Yeah, AoC is not dead. RotG expansion whilst more content isn't much different to the rest of the game. I got bored with it after about 3 hours in the game.
Posted 10:36am 07/7/10
man there must be some cash they have spent and probably won't see back when this game most likely fails
Posted 10:39am 07/7/10
Why do people think that an MMO has to have WoW levels of popularity to actually be a profitable venture?
Posted 10:48am 07/7/10
Seems a bit weird to have a limited 10 day free trial, you'd think they would want to always have a trial option to get as much exposure as possible.
Posted 10:51am 07/7/10
Why do people think that an MMO has to have WoW levels of popularity to actually be a profitable venture?

i completely agree, and if it wasn't earning enough income to survive it would of closed down by now.

From my personal experience small player bases on these less popular mmo's generally have a better tight nit and welcoming community.
Posted 11:16am 07/7/10
I liked the first 25 - 03 levels but after that I just lost total interest since none of my friends wanted to play it and I was in there on my own. They all played wow so I just went back to it as well.
Posted 12:24pm 07/7/10
Downloaded this again 2 days ago, and with the exception of an SSD, my computer is pretty much as good as they get. This game still runs like a complete and utter heap of absolute f*****g s***. It is horrible. I love the video options too: Direct X 9 or Direct X 10 beta....... YES!
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