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Post by Dan @ 06:45pm 05/07/10 | 6 Comments
Accompanying Steve's Brink video interview with developer Splash Damage today, we now also have some hands-on impressions to help paint a fuller picture of what to expect when this trailblazing first person shooter touches down next year.
This concept of synchronising a gameís multiplayer and single-player content is something that hasnít really existed before outside of cooperative games so itís going to be very interesting to see how this one shakes out.

The demo units on show this year at E3 were Xbox 360 versions of the game, focusing on a freshly revealed map called Reactor.
Read on for the complete low-down.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:35pm 05/7/10
Shh, don't diss the only foreseeable hope for hardcore gamers.
Posted 09:39pm 05/7/10
It does look pretty bad. I've been taught that FPS's are the constant re-invention of the wheel in the game industry. But seriously, this is just some slapstick Mirror's Edge, and TF2/COD.
Posted 09:55pm 05/7/10
Considering the plethora of COD clones out there, something which adds in ideas from games like mirrors edge and TF2 etc seems pretty attractive to me.
Posted 07:41am 06/7/10

Posted 09:31am 06/7/10
Eorl, Splash Damage released Quake 3 Fortress in 2000, and went in to create the acclaimed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. They've been in the business of teamplay shooters a lot longer than the modern incarnations COD.

You can draw parallels between TF2 and this, but that's probably because QuakeWorld TeamFortress was the inspiration for this team's first project (the aforementioned Q3F).

I personally am absolutely pumped about this game. I miss running around in a polished, clean engine instead of that clumsy, clunky s*** we have to deal with from developers like DICE. And the "Mirror's Edge" style movement I'm all for - it sounds like a far improved system anyway.
Posted 11:44am 06/7/10
Mmm, rec your words do speak something to me. We'll just have to see I guess.
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