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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:08pm 05/07/10 | 7 Comments
As something of a comic-book freak, we gave Chad Drake Crackdown 2 to review to see how its super-heroness stood up to the real fan, and we also set him loose in some co-op with AusGamers' own Beanith - the end result was explosive.

Actually every time I walked past the screen that's about all I saw - that and lots of Hulk-like jumping, so either they were having fun or the "jump" button was stuck. Either way, Chad churned out a review for us, which is awesome, because the game's review embargo lifted today. So if you like your games open-worldy and featuring super-heroey characters, you might want to look into the AusGamers verdict.

Click here for the full review.

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Posted 06:53pm 05/7/10
typo in the 2nd paragraph

"city and they're nott fans of The Agency."
Posted 07:26pm 05/7/10
Agree with Chad on the score. I've got a review for this game going up later tonight. I didn't drive around at all, for me there was no need when i could either jump from building to building, or even at the later stage fly.
Targeting system is balls, and the story isnt even worth finding all the hidden logs around the world.
Above average game in my opinion.
Posted 09:08pm 05/7/10
I heard so much about this game that i went ahead and downloaded the 1 point something gig demo. I fail to see how the game is fun at all.
Posted 09:59pm 05/7/10
If you're playing this game for the single player then you're doing it wrong. Out of any sandbox title, Crackdown 2 gets it right when doing Co-op. You and a mate can be doing a mission on one side of the city, a 3rd on the other side of the city faffing about and a 4th can be doing some completely different mission nearby.

Only having 3 mission types was a let down but I'm willing to overlook things like that for moments like watching Chad run around an enclosed space trying to take down an enemy base, me standing on top of the building "helping out" by spamming cluster bombs and then jumping down to rez.

And I agree with the Driving being pointless too, the only time I use a car is when I pick one up one to hit someone with. Traveling around the city via rooftop ftw. The only way they could make it more awesome would be to have some chimneys to smash through whilst shouting SPOON.
Posted 10:02pm 05/7/10
As a fan of the first one, I really wasn't that impressed with this. The game looks and feels exactly like the first one, and while that's not in itself a problem, it makes the game suffer due to having the same problems the first one did.

To me there aren't enough changes... and fixes to play through what is essentially the first game, but with more mutants, and less transforming agency vehicles.
Posted 04:16pm 06/7/10
Preordered it really cheap from overseas. The score given in the review reflects the price I paid for it.

Was actually expecting scores around 7-8 for this. Above average but not Epic.
Posted 04:20pm 06/7/10
so where exactly was it so cheap so that we might all benefit?
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