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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:05am 02/07/10 | 7 Comments
THQ, Australian distributor for all things Capcom, have successfully managed to pull Dead Rising 2 through the Australian Classification Board without the need for a single change and a solid MA15+ rating.

The game is currently scheduled to arrive on PC at a TBA date with PS3 and Xbox 360 this September 30. An exclusive prequel will be arriving as DLC on Xbox 360 called "Case Zero" that offers story junkies a bit more to the overall DR2 narrative, as well as the ability to reach a certain PP level and carry it across to the full game upon its release. There's currently no date for Case Zero though, so stay tuned.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:43am 02/7/10
so whats the diff between this and l4d2 gore wise, for this to pass?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:48am 02/7/10
tbh, it was the submission process that ended up getting l4d2 banned. No one from EA or Valve actually sat in on the review session, so nothing was explained to them [the board] in context, and they were left to make up their own minds about it. In contrast, THQ did, and had a lengthy document explaining everything for each member of the review board... most of the review board aren't gamers, and so often don't understand the context of specific portions of violence, gore etc... violent and gory games that get through, are usually allowed because the review process has been heavily handled by the publisher or local distributor
Posted 11:54am 02/7/10
Good stuff. Though I can't help but compare it to L4D2 and the watering down it got and wonder what makes DR2 so different?

edit: oooooooooook beaten clean so nm.
Posted 12:00pm 02/7/10
That's pretty interesting Steve, would it mean a lot of games pass classification if they did that every time?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:01pm 02/7/10
that's the consensus among the more proactive pubs/distribs d^
Posted 12:18pm 02/7/10
most of the review board aren't gamers, and so often don't understand the context of specific portions of violence, gore etc

Well I don't think they necessarily need to be gamers but the fact that they're even making decisions on things they don't understand highlights a pretty big problem imo. Reminds me of upper level management where I work. Props to THQ for recognising this though.
Posted 12:24pm 02/7/10
We should be wishing for less involvement from industry to push games through the board, not more.

Until games are properly classified (ie, lots and lots of games RC) then there won't be action on the issue.

If guys like JB, EB and HN started bleeding revenue to the online guys you can bet someone would light a fire under someone's arse.
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