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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:59pm 01/07/10 | 4 Comments
We were lucky enough to get a very early look at Transformers: War For Cybertron out at High Moon Studios' pad in San Diego earlier in the year, and walked away very happy with what we saw. The team were clearly treating the license with the reverence it has so sorely needed over past many years, which is why we gave review duties to Kosta.

Life is just so unfair on him these days, as a tie and 9-5 jockey, he sits day-dreaming at the breakfast table; coffee going cold, cornflakes too soggy to eat, reminiscing of better times - a time when robots from a far away planet with no roads still somehow managed to transform into Earth-shaped vehicles and speak English - because in the 80s, real plots didn't matter.

Thankfully Transformers: War For Cybertron has given him an escape from real-life monotony, which he happily shares with us all here today in his review.

transformers: war for cybertronreviewhigh moon studios
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:41pm 01/7/10
if you plan on buying this game for PC, keep in mind that the game is locked at 30FPS and the mouse suffers from a severe case of console-itis - the X axis is far more sensitive than the Y axis, and it's not changeable. Plus mouse smoothing. There are no advanced graphics settings either, only 'low, medium and high' options. And there are no dedicated servers. The PC version is a lazy port.

On console though, it's a different story :D
Posted 05:37pm 01/7/10
Didn't have any issues with the mouse control myself.

The team mate AI was pretty useless though, they constantly run in front of you, and there's a certain enemy that you need to shoot in the back this would be done by your team mate distracting him from the front while you circle to his rear... the problem, 90% of the time the AI companion circles towards you , leaving you shooting at the enemies side as he tracks your team mate.
And the insta kills from some bosses cause a bit of rage, an ok game overall though nothing special.
Posted 05:50pm 01/7/10
Multiplayer is a tonne of fun. But it's let down by:
-No in game chat of any kind (lol, what the hell?)
-Unchangeable controls
-actually, unchangeable anything, the config file is locked down

I've been having a blast with it but it's a bit silly having all these nifty classes that work well together, and then having 0 way to communicate anything with them. Can't say thanks for a well timed assist or heal, can't cry when you get sniped or raped by a cloaked scout. It's the same in the co-op and escalation game modes.

I'm guessing the console ports just use the live/psn network things for communication so it's rediculous that wfc isn't integrated with steam or something at least.

Ah well, I still love it, regardless of the flaws.
The GuVna
Posted 10:44pm 01/7/10
It runs on the Unreal Engine right? do a search for .ini files & see if you can haX0r the game settings / binds that way :)

No chat is very ridiculous, they gotta release a patch for that surely.
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