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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:28am 01/07/10 | 2 Comments
EA and HotHead Games, in the wake of showing off a handful of new screens, have revealed the local release date for the forthcoming digital download, DeathSpank, from The Secret of Monkey Island creator, Ron Gilbert, which will see the game landing on the PlayStation Network July 13, and Xbox Live Arcade July 14 for AU$19.95 and 1200 MS points, respectively.
The game puts players in the mighty boots of DeathSpank, the "Dispenser of Justice", "Vanquisher of Evil" and "Hero to the Downtrodden". His life-long destiny is to embark on an epic journey in search of a mysterious and magical artifact known only as, "The Artifact". DeathSpank will feature local co-op gameplay, allowing friends to team up on the same console as both DeathSpank and his trusty, magical sidekick, Sparkles the Wizard. Sparkles' abilities are magical, serving as the perfect complement to DeathSpank's weapons-based attacks as the duo battle against the intolerant minions of injustice.
The game also features a streaming "globe" for a game-world, which is one of its more unique attributes. I definitely can't wait for this one.

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Posted 11:31am 01/7/10
Oooh a release date.

I'll definitely be getting this game.
Posted 11:42am 01/7/10
pc in the works?
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