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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:25pm 30/06/10 | 13 Comments
Continuing our extensive post-show coverage of this year's E3, we've got some Fallout: New Vegas love for you, with a short hands-on that revealed much of what is going to set this game apart from Fallout 3, which should excite fans of both the last game, and the games prior to that.

We also have a video interview coming where we get even more information, but in the meantime, our hands-on preview will give you plenty to digest in the wait to October when the game is finally unleashed and we can all get our "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" on.

Click here for the full preview.

fallout: new vegasfallout 3falloute3preview
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:46pm 30/6/10
Sounds good and nice writeup. I would agree that a weather system would be nice.
Posted 06:25pm 30/6/10
I wouldn't worry about the weather system to much as someone will just make a weather system mod like in FO3. Hopefully this one isn't covered in bugs and glitches :\
Posted 07:35pm 30/6/10
Loved Fallout 3. More of the same? No complaints here.

That said, I've still got the Fallout 3 DLCs to play, so I won't be rushing to buy this at release, I can wait for the Steam sale! :)
Posted 10:18pm 30/6/10
Awesome, can't wait!
Posted 07:57am 01/7/10
Interesting but I can't see this being anymore than an expansion for FO3. Using the same engine and only designing new areas is a bit cheap for a full game.
Posted 08:28am 01/7/10
Loved the first one, I think I've said it before but the more I see of this the less interested I get
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:40am 01/7/10
HurricaneJim: It's an entirely new story with a new character and has multiple endings - we're also told you'll be able to get as much play-time out of it as you might have had with Fallout 3 - it's definitely not an expansion, and is very much a stand-alone product. Also features people who worked on Fallout 1 and 2 in the dev/creative team
Posted 09:49am 01/7/10
cbf reinstalling and playing again.
Posted 10:03am 01/7/10
I really enjoyed fallout 3 when it came it even though i was a die hard fallout 2 person. But, after recently reinstalling the game i find myself hating it more and more. The s***** animations and faces are the biggest parts.

They really should have used a new engine for this.
Posted 10:35am 01/7/10
Now get back to TES!!
Posted 10:43am 01/7/10
alreayd pre-ordered on steam for $50, slowly playing through fallout 3 plus the dlc,

big fallout 1 and 2 fan, and i was heavily disapointed in fallout 3 as a continuation in the series for many reasons.

as a standalone game though i find it enjoyable enough, i just pretend it doesnt have the fallout name.
Posted 01:56pm 01/7/10
yeah for $50 USD it doesn't seem that expensive for a stand-alone 30+hour game
Posted 08:43pm 05/7/10
Only if they made this one twice as big say two of the original map size with co-op and a little red dead multiplayer functionality thrown in for good measure. Fallout is an awsome game cant wait to dust up my pimp hand in Vegas.
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