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Post by Dan @ 11:09am 30/06/10 | 9 Comments
The folks at Blizzard have sent us the cheery reminder that today is the 10th anniversary (US Pacific time) of the widely-acclaimed Diablo II, which launched on June 29th 2000.
Diablo II did more than just expand on the core feel and mechanics of the original game. It took a traditional dungeon crawl and opened up the game world with vast exterior zones and intricate, randomly generated dungeons. Diablo II took players from desert sands to the darkest jungles on a quest that would ultimately lead them into the depths of the Burning Hells.
If you want to reminisce a little, Blizzard have set up a little celebratory page on their official site. Happy birthday old fella and bring on Diablo 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:22am 30/6/10
OMG, Rainbows and Ponies! Jooyyyyy!
Posted 11:27am 30/6/10
<3 d2
Posted 12:00pm 30/6/10
It's awesome.
Posted 12:18pm 30/6/10
Thought they would of done something a bit more awesome than just chuck up a webpage, littered with D3 images. Expected them to give away the game for a few days or something.
Posted 02:34pm 30/6/10
they should have announced an iphone port... that s*** would sell like hot cakes.
Posted 02:39pm 30/6/10
they should have announced an iphone port... that s*** would sell like hot cakes.

Yes, but can you imagine all the people b****ing about wearing our their iPhones, a little more expensive to replace than a mouse.
Posted 04:22pm 30/6/10
i reckon i would put my finger through the iphone trying to kill those bloody leapers in act 2
Posted 05:26pm 30/6/10
I cracked out the old StarCraft cd in anticipation of the imminent sequel and had a chuckle at the games "COMING SOON!"
A pre-release D2 trailer was the highlight.
Posted 11:04pm 30/6/10
Easily one of the best games ever created! I can't wait to see if they can remake this amazing sense of escapism and awesome gameplay of Diablo II in the 3rd one...
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