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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:37pm 28/06/10 | 5 Comments
E3 was many things this year, if not one gigantic big tech demo, and one of the main players in presenting new entertainment ideas and concepts was Killzone 3, which was arguably one of the best looking games on the floor (if not the best), and hoisting the 3D flag to boot.

The clear winner here was Sony, with such a flagship title, and while the industry as a whole was somewhat critical of Guerrilla's last effort (me included), they've absolutely addressed it all here. We have an interview for this baby coming soon, but in the meantime check out our hands-on preview.

sonye3killzone 3preview
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:17am 29/6/10
It looked amazing in 2D, and unbelievable in stereoscopic 3D


It looked amazing in normal 3D, and unbelievable in stereoscopic 3D

much better, referring to it as 2d simply because it doesnt pop out at your eyes is just fail.

Anyway seems good.
Posted 06:38am 29/6/10
It should be obvious to anyone reading this that "amazing in 2D" in this context is a reference to the screen's display, not the in-game camera.
Posted 07:13am 29/6/10
the ausgamers videos dont work, i wanna see what the all the fuss is aboot
Posted 01:06pm 29/6/10
it looks so good.... but its gay for me since i havent played the first 2... ohwell i think i get the jist of it when i play it.
Posted 06:21pm 29/6/10
You know what dan..STFU
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