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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:29pm 25/06/10 | 29 Comments
AusGamers has partnered with Namco Bandai Games to be one of a handful of select outfits worldwide to offer up a limited number of Redeem Codes for the exclusive Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Xbox 360 Demo which will have a player cap of only 25,000, releasing July 2nd.

This is a first in, first served scenario, and we only have 50 to give away. So head over to the Competition Submission Form page and get in fast, there are more details regarding the demo and what's in store there also. In the meantime, check out some hot off the dev press screens of the game right here and below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:41pm 25/6/10
Thanks guys :D
Posted 02:18pm 25/6/10
Um, you really should state clearly in your news post that this is xbox only... I have a useless key now...
Posted 02:23pm 25/6/10
Posted 02:24pm 25/6/10
But it's on the top of submission form:
AusGamers has a batch of Xbox 360 tokens for the excluive demo of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days up for grabs!
Posted 02:28pm 25/6/10
Yes I know, I didn't read that part. Why would I read the same crap twice? I read the initial post. Note how I said it should be stated in the news post.

And learning that they are focusing on xbox in this way pretty much kills my interest :(
Posted 02:25pm 25/6/10
I got excited for a second there, until I read it was for the s***box 360. PC only gamer here.
Posted 02:29pm 25/6/10
So steve how do I put this key back into the pool?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:47pm 25/6/10
Limited Offer: Kane & Lynch 2 Xbox 360 Demo Codes, Plus New Screens
The in the actual post it says:
AusGamers has partnered with Namco Bandai Games to be one of a handful of select outfits worldwide to offer up a limited number of Redeem Codes for the exclusive Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Xbox 360 Demo
So I have no idea how you didn't work out that it was only for Xbox 360. But yeah, did you get a key? if so, just email the key back to me: stephen@ausgamers.com
Posted 02:53pm 25/6/10
anyone want a key? i didnt see the 360 bit either :/
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:04pm 25/6/10
how can you not see it?
Posted 03:09pm 25/6/10
ravn0s' id pm you but im at work and cant access the ausgamers site, can you pm it to me, ill iou something in the future.
Posted 03:20pm 25/6/10
When I got the key it did not have xbox in the title and info with in the news post, didn't read the page that you get the key from. I gave the key to a mate who has an xbox and was interested, so thx afterall :D
Posted 03:42pm 25/6/10
I got mine, thanks Ausgamers
Posted 05:18pm 25/6/10
Ta gents
Posted 06:01pm 25/6/10
Woo. Nice. Would prefer PC, but this will still be good to try it out.
Posted 06:34pm 25/6/10
nice been meaning to have a reason to play the xbox again. Thankyou gents
Posted 07:11pm 25/6/10
And learning that they are focusing on xbox in this way pretty much kills my interest :(
Releasing a demo for a platform means focusing on that platform? You're like a broken record with the "consoles are ruining gaming" tune.
Posted 08:17pm 25/6/10
Shows focus and direction. I didn't have a lot of interest to begin with but yes this does kill my interest. I asked my mate who I gave the key too to let me know how it is so I might change my mind on it later.
Posted 08:27pm 25/6/10
What happened was he saw the words 'limited', 'code', 'first in best dressed' and just hit NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT SEND!

Next time you'll know not to do that otherwise you could be emailed with aids. Thanks AG, code acquired.

Might also be time to get on the superior system already

Posted 08:41pm 25/6/10
Shows focus and direction.
Yes, a developer who has for the last 8 years released every one of their games on at least two console platforms is suddenly focusing on the Xbox 360 because of a game demo. Also, they're implementing Steamworks support instead of Games for Windows - LIVE for the PC version, which goes against the idea of focusing on the Xbox 360 as it'd be a lot easier to just stick with GFW LIVE.
Posted 09:04pm 25/6/10
I don't differentiate between xbox and PS3 torok. My point is that I see this being a feature/depth lacking and simplistic console shooter because they are clearly more focused on that side of things. I'm not even sure if this game will be released on PC, I never bothered to look tbh.
Posted 09:13pm 25/6/10
And my point was it's being treated no differently to the past 6 games the developer has released, stop whinging like a toddler.
Posted 10:10pm 25/6/10
If your not interested in the game, dont complain...theres no real need to anyway, its for pc as well as 360 and ps3.
Posted 10:27am 26/6/10
I was interested in the game until it seemed that it has a console shooter focus. You don't need to reply to my posts as much as I don't need to complain, but you still do.
Posted 01:52pm 26/6/10
Nice, got a key. I never really played the first one, but the trailers I've seen for this look really cool, I've been keen to check it out.
Posted 02:03pm 26/6/10
You're complaining just by mentioning "console shooter focus". The game isn't any different because they released a demo on the Xbox 360.
Posted 02:12pm 26/6/10
hahaha so having an opinion you disagree with means I'm complaining?
Posted 02:43pm 26/6/10
No, saying you're disinterested because of a focus on consoles that doesn't actually exist is complaining. If it follows the same formula as the previous game (which had a demo on consoles, oh no!) it will feature: firing from the hip and from the shoulder, crouching, sprint, and leaning from cover. Which covers most of your whining about simplified console shooters from the Brink thread (nevermind that it is an entirely inaccurate argument anyway, as the majority of PC shooters don't have those features regardless of whether they appear on a console). Hell, the previous game caused console players to complain about the controls because the developers didn't change the kickback on the guns for the console versions.
Posted 10:12am 27/6/10
the first one was s***, why would this be any different?
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