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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:08am 22/06/10 | 27 Comments
Everyone's favourite videogame CEO, Activision's Bobby Kotick, has told The Wall Street Journal that he believes consumers are "clamouring" for an online subscription-based model for Call of Duty, and would have it up and running "tomorrow" if he could, reports Spong.

"When you think about what the audience's interests are and how you could really satisfy bigger audiences with more inspired, creative opportunities," he said. "I would love to see us have an online Call of Duty world. I think our players would just have so much of a more compelling experience."

So much fuel for thought (and fire) eh Kotick?

Sometimes I feel bad for the other cats at Acti who have to bear the brunt of his statements. Would you pay to play if CoD were in the MMO space?

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Posted 09:12am 22/6/10
just because a s*** load of people buy your game, doesnt mean theyre willing to pay to play it every month.
Posted 09:12am 22/6/10
Yes definately.
Posted 09:25am 22/6/10
corporate a*******.
Posted 09:37am 22/6/10
Personally I wouldn't, but its wider success would depend on what extra value is being provided for the monthly fee. Would there be dedicated servers (presumable Acti controlled ones)? Additional content at no additional cost to the sub fee? We'd have to see how badly the consumer gets milked/bilked really.
Posted 09:40am 22/6/10
Ah Kotick, the d******* of the year.
Posted 09:43am 22/6/10
Milk the franchise some more eh?
I for one would not be interested
Posted 09:47am 22/6/10
Only if the game costs $30 straight up and then, say, $40 per year after 6 months.

Heck, if Tribes 2 had had that model, I would have coughed up $400 by now. And games which die quickly (ie. Quake Wars) wouldn't be so expensive.
Posted 09:49am 22/6/10
God, I hope Bobby dies in an accident involving his yearly profits having been converted to quarters and dropped on his house from a great height.

Either that, or drawn and quartered. But drowned in quarters is good enough for me.

I mean, the CoD "mmo" would have to be something special, not to mention have persistent dedicated servers all over the world, otherwise Aussies would be like "yeah, no". No way in hell you can play an MMOFPS (IF that's even what it's gonna be, I'd bet it would be more guildwars-esque) if your ping is averaging 400-600...
Posted 09:54am 22/6/10
considering its koticks idea, it will probably just be pay to play on their dedicated servers.
Posted 09:54am 22/6/10
What a fkn tosser, are these people in touch with gamers at all? I like how he doesn't mention what would be added, just a "subscription service". $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
I'd like to see the numbers they got from the second DLC for mw2 compared to the first DLC.

Id software is STILL going to be giving away their map editor and other tools once they release Rage. Not that the game's going to be any good but s*** at least they're doing it right.

Posted 10:04am 22/6/10
I would consider it. Games which have high replayability like CoD4 and BC2 would benefit from constant content development, especially new maps and weapons. If I had to pay for a new BC2 map pack I would most definitely.

Company of heroes did this in quasi manner with its expansions and they sold like hotcakes. And of course WoW does it the best with its expansions and subscriptions. I think this model is ripe for the FPS market as well. And if you are too poor then just stick to CS.
Posted 10:17am 22/6/10
^^ i agree i like the plan in general, but they'll all try to screw the consumer out of as much money as possible. Activision would probably charge the same for the game and DLC and just make you pay on-top of that.

I hate monthly subscription though, it was kept me away from every mmo
Posted 10:26am 22/6/10
Oh and don't forget Fallout 3 Game of the Year!
Posted 12:02pm 22/6/10
Any more detail... on the features. I would pay a sub for a fully featured MMOFPS with local servers, would need deep customization, a persistent open world and detailed classes/skills... off the top of my head.
Posted 11:50am 22/6/10
It is only a matter of time before this happens.

just because a s*** load of people buy your game, doesnt mean theyre willing to pay to play it every month.
I think they will, look how many people purchased those map packs. They can totally get away with charging for a subscription. We probably wont see it happen with any of the next 2 Call of Duty games, but don't be surprised to see a subscription pop-up for the big one, Modern Warfare 3

Posted 12:03pm 22/6/10
How is Modern Warfare 3 the big one, the studio that made it is gone.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:09pm 22/6/10
the studio still exists with all the same assets and a lot of the same people. They were also planning a trilogy from the start which means most of the creative stuff was already done. It's still coming and it will be big.
Posted 12:14pm 22/6/10
Yea I know, but the heart of it is gone. On life support if you will. Honestly how would morale be there... only the desperate guys who are unproven would be staying I would think, if you have a few solid titles behind you it would be tempting to go elsewhere.
Posted 12:21pm 22/6/10
came into thread with the idea that this guy wanted something gay like the Celestial Steed as an achievement for 1000x headshots in CoD

so business model clone for customer base milking passed off as value adding, enjoy

last edited by trillion at 12:21:48 22/Jun/10
Posted 12:24pm 22/6/10
Errrrrr... no.
Posted 12:54pm 22/6/10
I think this is the beginning of a new golden age for independant developers. For companies that make games to make GAMES, and not draconian DLC/DRM delivery systems. There's an increasingly negative sentiment now towards the big publishers, at least for PC users, who are learning that they can spend their money elsewhere - and get much better value for it.
Posted 12:52pm 22/6/10
def not interested....
Posted 12:56pm 22/6/10
No I would not pay to play a game riddled with f*****g cheaters and pathetic server design (oh wait, no server design). I still want my money back from the original game.
Posted 01:42pm 22/6/10
Yeah kotick can go f*** off, anone who is seriously thinking this is a good thing needs their brain checked....

Why the hell would we want to pay to play, we already do that with xbox live, the pc gamers get f***ed over with servers ect... and anyone who thinks that they will make more content for the game is seriously deluded. This would be a cash grab pure and simple. Not to mention that if it gets popular..which it will because its coD that other developers will join the cash train, and it will probably be a common thing...which imo = the death of online multiplayer.
Posted 01:55pm 22/6/10
I dont understand, so is he wanting to create a new type of game, an MMO FPS ? I dont get it.

I mean an FPS game, where you join in a huge 24/7 world war type thing and build up your character would be cool, but i'm not sure if FPS players realy want such a huge timesink type game. I play FPS games because I can not play for a few weeks, jump on for a few hours, kill some people and be done.

He does realise that he would need dedicated servers?

Unless he's going to make it a P2P MMO FPS, dear god.
Posted 02:21pm 22/6/10
Yea I know, but the heart of it is gone. On life support if you will.

Yes that is true, but how many people out there know this? My brother and his friends all play MW2 online, if i was to ask them if they knew that a good chunk of the developers left the studio i can guarantee they wouldn't have a clue, or really care...they probably wouldn't know the name of the studio behind it.

Whatever the case, MW3 is still going to sell a load of copies.

last edited by Crash at 14:21:09 22/Jun/10
Posted 02:33pm 22/6/10
Oh for sure crash, they make it (ground work is done), slap MW3 on it and it sells millions but I'm expecting it to be s***.
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