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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:43pm 21/06/10 | 21 Comments
At an E3 where there was so much emphasis on casual gaming, and opening up the industry to traditionally non-gamer types, there was one game that stood as the absolute antithesis to this movement, and instead utterly embraced the concept of hardcore gaming, and it came from a pure game-driven company, Valve.

Portal 2 was our pick of the show for its complexity, its humour, its visual flair and its pure gaming heart. This is not a casual affair, by any measure, and anyone who saw it resonated the same sort of response we did: "ouch, that hurt my head".

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:50pm 21/6/10
portal 2 looks so f*****g awesome. cant believe we have to wait until 2011 for it though :(
Posted 07:38pm 21/6/10
the nickelodeon-ish repel gel is STRANGE, stranger than headcrabs getting all up ins your face
Posted 08:45pm 21/6/10
Looks great, I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!
Posted 09:15pm 21/6/10
O.M.G. Looks wickeeed.
Posted 08:07am 22/6/10
The visuals looks insane, I can already see these puzzles are going to do my head in with all the new toys to play with
Posted 11:21am 22/6/10
mmmmMMMMMmmm, golly this looks like fun
Posted 01:44pm 22/6/10
Portal is a hardcore game? LOOOOOOOOOL

Anyway looks a billion times better than the original.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:11pm 22/6/10
how is it not Josh?
Posted 02:27pm 22/6/10
no hookers to kill
Posted 11:15pm 22/6/10
Haha lol nice thermite, nah Idk just really seemed casual, it was a short game that pretty much anyone but a mentally disabled person could pick up and play. I never thought as it as a hardcore game simply because mums are playing it....

Each to their own, just made me laugh from my experience with it.

Like I said this game is looking much better than the first, looking forward to it.
Posted 11:19pm 22/6/10
just made me laugh from my experience with it.
So you can do the levels in 5 seconds like some of those youtube videos show?
I played it "casual" just once through, never tried the time attacks, but theres an argument for it being hardcore with people going for best times.

A game doesn't have to be unplayable by the majority to be hardcore.
Posted 12:46am 23/6/10
Lol youtube..yeah right.

Your argument about getting best times can be applied to anything, so does that mean that every game is hardcore??

Meh whatever, tired of arguing lol
Posted 12:52am 23/6/10
How about you give us an example of what you think a hardcore game is.
Posted 01:16am 23/6/10
MW2 likely
Posted 05:26am 23/6/10
super mario galaxy
Posted 07:55am 23/6/10

Posted 02:40pm 23/6/10
LMAO, I hate Mw2 its an unbalanced and overhyped game and super mario galaxy is a big headache and it has all those gimmicky motion controls.

I dont believe I have ever played pong, due to it being made in the ancient, ancient days.

just to name a few games I consider hardcore ..since your all so interested.

Half life 2, Dead space, Silent hill 2, Ninja gaiden, Deus ex,The witcher,Crysis,Dawn of war 2.....and thats where I stop. I think you can get the picture of what a hardcore game is to me.
Posted 03:26pm 23/6/10
mums play those games too.

last edited by ravn0s at 15:26:51 23/Jun/10
Posted 03:26pm 23/6/10
what other games does your mum play?
Posted 03:29pm 23/6/10
Hide the sausage.
Posted 03:50pm 23/6/10
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