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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:57am 21/06/10 | 13 Comments
While Nintendo are remaining tight-lipped about release details surrounding their formidable new handheld revealed at this year's E3, Nintendo 3DS, analysts have been quick to throw their educated guesses in the ring with comments from Lazard Capital Markets over at Gamasutra suggesting Nintendo will release the device towards the end of this year in Japan, and the rest of the world early-to-mid 2011. Nintendo did say they would bring the handheld to market before the end of their financial year in 2011, and they're known for releasing new hardware in Japan first, and usually around December.

As far as pricing goes, they have 3DS releasing at US$249-$299. EB Australia lists 3DS in pre-order form at AU$348 which is roughly inline with the US$299 price-point.

Of course we'll be chasing Nintendo of Australia for any info they can give us, so stay tuned for any and all info regarding Nintendo's new handheld, including our very own deeper hands-on from the show floor coming soon.

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Posted 10:08am 21/6/10
That's crazy expensive, but it's looking like a crazy handheld.
Posted 12:36pm 21/6/10
I lost my psp a few weeks ago, but if the 3DS is all it's cooked up to be then I probably won't be missing it for much longer :D
Posted 12:47pm 21/6/10
i havent read anything about it, so does the 3d actually look any good?
Posted 12:51pm 21/6/10
This is going to annoy me for years to come. to me, 3DS is 3D Studio Max, and has been for more than a decade.

i havent read anything about it, so does the 3d actually look any good?

Posted 12:55pm 21/6/10
thats not the 3ds
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:56pm 21/6/10
it is the goods, we looked at several examples of 3D on the system, it's the real deal, wait till you read about our experience with MGS on it
Posted 01:21pm 21/6/10
thats not the 3ds

Woops, ok, this one IS it.

Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:08pm 21/6/10
Posted 03:17pm 21/6/10
for giggles i made a chart showing raw polygon's per second.

N64 100,000
DS 120,000
DreamCast 7000000
iPhone 3GS 7000000
3DS 15300000
PSP 33000000

Now these are maximum numbers, and the PSP one is a bit of a laugh because running at that speed the PSP has about 2 minutes of battery life.
Posted 06:53pm 21/6/10

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Posted 06:54pm 21/6/10
Posted 06:57pm 21/6/10
I highly doubt those figures, blade

you'd be hard pressed to find 15 million poly scenes on a 360 or PS3 game at any sort of playable framerate.
Posted 07:02pm 21/6/10
I think those figures would be flat-shaded polygons. So no textures or lighting.
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