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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:28am 20/06/10 | 17 Comments
Well, Dan and I are finally back from E3 (landed early this morning), and while the jetlag is certainly beginning to course its way through our veins, we thought we'd better let you know that, much like last year, we'll continue our E3 coverage, despite the show being over, and unlike much of what has been released on the larger, faster sites (who oft have something in the vicinity of 30+ people on the ground), what follows from us over the coming weeks will be in-depth, revealing and hopefully entertaining - the sort of coverage we hope you've come to expect.

So stay tuned because we have heaps of features, interviews and previews lined up!


Latest Comments
Posted 12:19pm 20/6/10
If only there was a way to clone you 30 times....
Posted 12:38pm 20/6/10
Well done guys, hope you enjoyed it.
Posted 12:55pm 20/6/10
An army of Steves...
Posted 01:04pm 20/6/10
I'd be happy to be employed by AG to travel around covering the latest in gaming news.

I could be your beat-em up and Sports genre specialist!
Posted 01:40pm 20/6/10
Steve is so dreamy!
Posted 01:55pm 20/6/10
did id/Bethseda show off any new Tech6 progress shiny?
Posted 05:00pm 20/6/10
Is it possible for members of the public to attend E3? a mate and myself have always talked about going one year.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:54pm 20/6/10
nope, it's locked off. However, you can attend a public day of TGS, which is far more interesting in terms of cultural diversity
Posted 08:55pm 20/6/10
so howcome you get to go? What makes you so special?
Posted 08:57pm 20/6/10
so howcome you get to go? What makes you so special?
I think it's that he works as a gaming journalist for one of australia's biggest gaming websites
Posted 10:41pm 20/6/10
Yea rocket, wheres you logic!?
Posted 11:07pm 20/6/10
any secret news on a new The Elder Scrolls game? :(
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:18am 21/6/10
Phooks, unfortunately no, but I reckon we might hear something at either GamesCom or even QuakeCon (now that Bethesda own id)
Posted 09:27am 21/6/10
sometimes i forget that steve must work for some more popular australian gaming website (or is ausgamers really that big these days)
Posted 09:32am 21/6/10
lol well done as per usual rocket
Posted 09:35am 21/6/10
if you have hollywood connections you could get entry. theres always photos of actors walking around the place
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:05am 21/6/10
groganus, yep we ar that big these days
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