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Post by trog @ 02:40pm 18/06/10 | 18 Comments
There's a new highlight reel from Microsoft at E3 showing off some of the main features of their Kinect system (formerly Project Natal). It's a good trailer if you're pretty much unfamiliar with what's going on as it touches on a variety of the core functionality and how it can be applied in real-world(ish) situations - kids gaming, sport watching, young adult gaming, voice control to pause/play movies, and exercise titles, obviously all with a big focus on how the free control system lets you use your entire body to control things on the screen in a way that certainly won't make you feel silly at all.

The video certainly highlights the casual audience that Kinect is targeted at - the list of people present in each scene looks something like this:

- young girl (with mother-figure and another young girl watching)
- two guys watching sports with a girlfriend-figure
- two teen girls (with family watching)
- entire family watching movie
- three teen girls dancing
- teen girl and mother figure (with male family-figure members watching)
- father figure playing table tennis (family watching)
- adult female soloing an exercise game
- young boy and girl playing (parent-figures watching)
- mother figure playing (family watching)

Microsoft are dead keen to make sure everyone knows this is fun family fun and girls can most definitely take part, but that for the guys you can at least sit down and watch sport. Check out the video - do you think there's any opportunity for hardcore appeal?

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Posted 04:13pm 18/6/10
Xbox controls are for hardcore gamers
Microsoft have stated that Kinect won't replace controls for FPS games but headtracking or voice commands may be used aswell as xbox controller.
The main focus of Kinect is to steal the casual gamers from the Wii not to gimp the system with s***** controls.
Posted 05:00pm 18/6/10
god damn that vid was corny, I reckon I'd feel retarded playing a car game and pretending I have a steering wheel in my hands or playing table tennis to pretend my hand is the paddle :/ also sif say xbox pause when you're already walking back to couch, f***en noob :)
Posted 06:39pm 18/6/10
Xbox controls are for hardcore gamers

keyboard & mouse are for HARDCORE gamers :)

though im playing 360 right now so i won't judge.
Posted 06:59pm 18/6/10
Word on the street is that their target audience doesnt include people who are sitting down.

ps - that s*** looks incredibly gay
Posted 06:52pm 18/6/10
i want to bang that azn bird

also, ill smash any f*** that trys to play me at mario kart and doesnt use the numchuk
Posted 07:14pm 18/6/10
Pretty brutal vid, does anyone know anyone that is like those things in the vid?

Hardcore appeal? Well I cant see it working for shooters unless it can accurately track your finger for trigger pulls, driving games... the demo at E3 had the user standing... how do you accelerate and brake?
Depending on the speed and accuracy of it's tracking it could be good for RTS & mix in some voice command too. Ninja game would be cool, but I would feel like a d*** running on the spot to get anywhere and would end up KTFO trying to do sweet ninja flips.

If they add something like a Wii mote with a stick and trigger on it then using that along with body language (aiming guns/swinging sword/free look etc.) could work rather well.

Oh oh I wonder if it can track two thing independently of each other, I'm assuming it can for multi-user stuff like that dance game, but my line of thought is if it can accurately track my arms and head independently of each other so I could be aiming my gun in one direction but scanning the flanks while moving. Basically what I do in Arma via keyboard and mouse but tracking would be heaps cooler.
Posted 07:19pm 18/6/10
everyone using it looks so mongoloid!!

it'll go mainstream and have success
Posted 10:23pm 18/6/10
the wii demo videos when they came out, showed normal enough people having fun playing wii. It seemed very believable and the enjoyment they showed made compelling viewing. I believe they setup discrete cameras and just let people play with the console, then showed you the experience they were having.

This microsoft promo seems to me to show people paid to smile big while they play games. It isn't as captivating as the wii adverts, and i imagine the product is much the same. Just using your hand to play table tennis is going to seem funny, whereas holding a controller to bowl or smack balls back seems a better.

I queued and bought a wii on launch. There's nothing here (so far) for me.
Posted 10:59pm 18/6/10
I think Kinect with a 3D television would be the greatest thing ever. It'd be just like being a real tiger.
Posted 11:36pm 18/6/10
somehow i would feel like a bit of a retard swinging my hand to play tennis with nothing in it...

still can you imagine the coffee cup mod for GTA san andreas with kinetic lol
Posted 10:42am 19/6/10
God save the world, it's gone insane. I'm not sure I want to live in a world where people enjoy doing mundane things they can do IRL, but prefer to pay $300 for a console and $80 a game after buying a $100 peripheral to do said mundane things.

I say us hardcore gamers have a mass suicide rally. It worked for those Tibetan monks, right?
Posted 05:35pm 19/6/10
LMAO wirlwind, I think Id rather play whack the casual :P
Posted 11:41pm 19/6/10
Notably Tibet is still part of china
Posted 01:19am 20/6/10
Really Marty? I didn't pay any attention to what they were doing it for, I just chuckled and thought "Friendly fire!"

Maybe we could burn the casuals instead? My house gets cold in winter.
Posted 01:20am 20/6/10
And actually, come to think of it, people always had "Free Tibet" on their houses, I remember thinking "They're giving away a damn lot of those cats..."

PS - comments need an edit feature :(
Posted 11:13am 20/6/10
I think using both regular Xbox controller and the Kinect motion tracking could give some interesting possibilities.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:30am 20/6/10
i want to bang that azn bird

I swear in another video that came out yonks ago they used an Asian for the exercise part too.

Although it does look incredibly gay it might get some cool stuff further down the track. Playing something like a fighting game might be fun.
Posted 06:55pm 20/6/10
I like the idea of possible RTS games being implemented as someone mentioned. With the combination of voice commands, they might actually get something going.
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