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Post by Khel @ 04:42pm 16/06/10 | 26 Comments
Just got an email from JB Hifi and it looks like they're selling XBox360 Elite bundles super cheap, I guess to try and move them before the new slim 360 comes out.

You can get the 360 Elite, with 120gb hard drive, Halo: ODST, Forza 3 and a wireless controller for $249. Pretty crazy price!

Clicky for more info. promoted forum item

xbox 360

Latest Comments
Posted 04:47pm 16/6/10
jesus that's cheap as f***!!
Posted 04:47pm 16/6/10
Maybe i'll get one now, hmmmm
The GuVna
Posted 04:50pm 16/6/10
Damn it, my old XBox 360 RRodeded again & it was out of its three year warranty, & here I was thinking I picked up a bargain getting a second hand Xbox 360 Arcade pack (with a Free EB Carry case) for $150.

Oh well, Hopefully when this one Redrings, there'll be a sweet deal around, not after I get.

Posted 04:57pm 16/6/10
There's 3 extra games in the $299 deal: Halo Wars, Bioshock, and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.
Posted 04:59pm 16/6/10
Sell me your RRoD'd one Guv :)
Posted 05:02pm 16/6/10
you can still send them the xbox after warranty if it red rings or whatever.

They sent my mate a box etc and all he had to do was pack it and take it to the post office. 7 days later he had a fixed xbox and it was miles out of warranty.

Microsoft realised that they had f***ed up!
Posted 05:02pm 16/6/10
Damn good time to get on the 360 bandwagon if you don't have one already.

Though i'd imagine getting the new sexy black slim with built in wifi and quieter sound would be tempting to get if you're console-less as well?
Posted 05:06pm 16/6/10
jesus thats an awesome deal
Posted 05:28pm 16/6/10
damn now they just need an equally as awesome ps3 deal. both the xbox deals are pretty crazy
Posted 05:34pm 16/6/10
Mine red ringed the other day for the second time. The person on the phone said they weren't gonna fix it cos it was out of warranty, and I would have to pay the costs. I said it was the same problem as last time and they obviously hadn't properly fixed it, so they should do that this time.

They said red rings are just a "general hardware failure", so I couldnt know it was the same fault.

So i said whatever, for 160 i could buy another one second hand, but it doesnt matter because I was going to fix it myself anyway.

So i did. 15 dollars later, my xbox was working again.

and still is.

the guides are pretty easy to follow... or if you're in bris i could work my magic.
Posted 05:37pm 16/6/10
I want one of those new ones with the voice activation and the handwaiving.
The show on Fox8 said they were going to be selling the new version at the same price as the old one.
Posted 05:55pm 16/6/10
Yeah, but you'll probably go in to the store and ask for this and they'll make you buy six games and a PS3 with it or they won't sell it to you.
Posted 06:01pm 16/6/10
I want one of those new ones with the voice activation and the handwaiving
Man you sound like a hardcore gamer, where did you get all those skillz from!?
Posted 06:04pm 16/6/10
Just walked past EB games in the city, big sign saying price crash on elites, $350 or something, then a makeshift sign in pen over the top saying $317, then finally another saying $241
Posted 06:07pm 16/6/10
when will ppl stop buying from ebgames so they are forced to change their price scheme
Posted 06:38pm 16/6/10
excellent might just buy an elite (still going to buy a slim, but wanted to consoles in the house)
Posted 07:39pm 16/6/10
There's 3 extra games in the $299 deal: Halo Wars, Bioshock, and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

hah i saw it last nightstraight after e3. close to a 150 price drop! i was like yes!! got it this morning, but i changed the deal and took out Bioshock since I've already finished and got skate :D!
Posted 08:27pm 16/6/10
Wow, this is actually pretty awesome.

I got a new 360 during the $400 bundle package was out, it came with FORZA3, ODST, Lego Batman, UFC2009 and uuh.. another racing game.

I might pick up that $300 when tax time comes around, a spare 360 isn't such a bad idea, hah
The GuVna
Posted 09:15pm 16/6/10
Sell me your RRoD'd one Guv :)

Note the graphics card died in it, not the general warping issue.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 02:37am 17/6/10
My Xbox 360 died again the other day, same RROD issue. It was also out of warranty and they weren't going to fix it unless I paid.

I pushed pretty hard, spoke to the supervisor, and it's getting fixed. If you push hard enough - without being rude - they will probably fix it.

If it dies again I will probably smash it to bits and buy the new slim one. I hope they have fixed the issues with the new version...
Posted 06:47am 17/6/10
what would be the top 3 games u would buy with a 360
Posted 07:41am 17/6/10
ODST, Bad company 2, A.Wake
Posted 05:21pm 18/6/10
Does the Elite have a Blueray player ?
Posted 05:34pm 18/6/10
360s don't play BluRay, that's PS3.
Posted 05:38pm 18/6/10
360s don't play BluRay, that's PS3.

Yeah, I was just wondering if anything had changed ion the last couple of years in that regard. Guess not.
Thanks anyway Midda.
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