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Post by trog @ 11:56am 16/06/10 | 33 Comments
The PlayStation channel on the YouTubes now has the official trailer for Gran Turismo 5, fresh from E3. Why not watch it?

Also of note is that there is finally a (US) release date for this hugely anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive - November 2, 2010. Hopefully Australia is close by.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:02pm 16/6/10
Posted 12:02pm 16/6/10
gah, SebVet is in it... Where's AMW?!
also: damn good looking trailer.
Posted 12:08pm 16/6/10
zomg x 11ty billion

going to try and preorder this s*** ASEP
Posted 12:14pm 16/6/10
f*** yes

this is going to dominate

last edited by paveway at 12:14:49 16/Jun/10
Posted 12:12pm 16/6/10
still no tire marks and s***house smoke effects :(

but does look good otherwise
Posted 12:21pm 16/6/10
in 3d too
Posted 12:45pm 16/6/10
yeah the smoke effects sucked but that was some awesome graphics.
I had to look twice because i though it was real life.

I might have to buy a playstation. No PC version ?
Posted 12:50pm 16/6/10
I don't think any GT has ever been released on PC?

Posted 12:53pm 16/6/10
Can't wait, hopefully it's worth the wait!!

Loved the first few incarnations of this game!

EDIT: I'll be buying a PS3 for this game alone
Posted 12:57pm 16/6/10
Cars still sound like s***
Posted 01:06pm 16/6/10
i knew i bought a playstation 3 now for a reason

there has never been a pc version of gran turismo
Posted 01:13pm 16/6/10
style over substance

i predict it will have the same s*** handling all the other gt's have had
Posted 01:18pm 16/6/10
you're hoping for that spook because you only have a peice of s*** wii that won't be able to play it

looks pretty f*****g serious to me
Posted 01:22pm 16/6/10
spook likes salisbury and kevin rudd.
Posted 01:22pm 16/6/10
nah, ive played all the other gt's, they are all the same (ie s***, maybe the first one was acceptable for a little while in its time)

i seriously doubt they'll change much other than the visuals for this

ive played plenty of forza, it s**** on the gt series easily

cant see that changing anytime soon
Posted 01:49pm 16/6/10
yeah forza is sweeeeeeeet, but I'll always have a soft spot for GT as it was the first game of it's kind and I remember wasting hours and hours, heck days, playing the original one!!

EDIT: F***, first one was out in 97 - that's 13 years ago~!!
Posted 01:51pm 16/6/10
of course dave

you keep hoping
Posted 01:59pm 16/6/10
i will be happy to be proven wrong pave

i mite even buy a ps3 if its any good
hahah, lols asif
Posted 02:23pm 16/6/10
sif it won't be top notch, it's been developed for ages and the trailer looks the goods
Posted 02:48pm 16/6/10
I thought the trailer was rather average and a little out of character (showing a car drive head on straight into a tire barrier, throwing it into the air with a few dints...WTF!?), but no denying that the visuals and the attention to detail (except tire marks) are top notch. I'm not a huge racing fan but I've gotta say Top Gear test track FTW!
Posted 03:02pm 16/6/10
wow so gp cars in this game?

will be awesome to race against the stigs lap times on the top gear track
Posted 03:04pm 16/6/10
definately need to get a wheel for this game
Posted 03:51pm 16/6/10
Oh s***. Top Gear test track. With The Stig behidn the wheel.

So great.
Posted 04:05pm 16/6/10
Posted 04:18pm 16/6/10
awww yeah teq :D
Posted 04:28pm 16/6/10
hah driving with a wheel and gear shifter/clutch would be alright

wouldn't spend the mountain of cash you'd need to get the full setup though
The GuVna
Posted 04:45pm 16/6/10
Its good to see it start to surface now, as now Turn 10 will have to react to the stiff competition (finally) they have on the rival console. The Stig + Top Gear track is awesome. Noticed that there are more than 8 opponents at a time (which is more than Forza, Rally / Offroad. & I really like how they use the correct TV camera positions that is used in real life broadcasting. I know its a tiny thing for some, but it really does give it the more realistic look when its mirroring the real life TV coverage. Forza has these arty farty replay cameras which ruin the illusion.

Also Sebastion Vettel doing voice commentary, wonder if he does voice overs for tutorials, like passing...
Posted 07:14pm 16/6/10
Kaz getting some infos and interviews at Red Bull HQ.. does it mean F1 now included as well in GT5??.. this will most definitely handle like previous Nissan 370 GT Academy demo but better.

I'm betting the very first ever post on youtube will be a race at TopGear test track.. and using night weather sim.

Awesome vid, Driving/Racing Sim game for centuries it will most definitely be remembered.

Game of the Year it will likely win.
Posted 10:47pm 16/6/10
Impressive visuals.
Posted 06:38am 17/6/10
god i hope they have gotten ride of that stupid have to get a licence before u drive system they had before
Posted 08:43am 17/6/10
that's pretty typical of any game
they don't just throw you in to a full race scenario with 0 ability, ie not even knowing which is brake/accel etc
Posted 09:51am 17/6/10
i look forward to pwning joo all at gt5

my ps3 is gathering serious dust ! hope it still works when my copy arrives

last edited by scooby at 09:51:51 17/Jun/10
Posted 11:05am 17/6/10
GT5P + momo wheel i got off rommel = win!

looking forward to GT5 :D

will be awesome to race against the stigs lap times on the top gear track

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