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Post by darkjedi @ 08:00am 16/06/10 | 9 Comments
After being hastily announced a few months back in un-true Nintendo form, the 3DS was given it's official coming out at their E3 press conference earlier this morning. Sporting a look very similar to the current Nintendo DS, the 3DS packs some key differences:
  • 3.5" active 3D top screen (with a slider to control the 3D effect).
  • Analogue control stick or "slide pad" as it's referred to as.
  • Two cameras on the outside - For taking 3D pictures.
  • "Always on" connectivity similar to Wiiconnect 24.
Some photos of the device are available here.

No word on the specific hardware inside it as yet, however some games were shown off amongst a very impressive list of titles due for release on the 3DS. Given what some of these look like, there's a fair chance that the internals will definitely be packing a bit more punch than the current DS. Oh, the games list? Nothing you'll probably get that excited over. I mean, who wants to play a new Kid Icarus? Or who wants to roll into another Star Fox? I didn't think so...

Not too convincing, am I? Some of the titles announced include:
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Star Fox 64 3D
  • Nintendogs + Cats
  • Paper Mario
  • Mario Kart
  • HIDEO KOJIMA'S METAL GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER 3D "The Naked Sample" (that's seriously the title)
  • Riiiddge Racer
  • Street Fighter IV 3D
  • Final Fantasy titles
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D
  • Etrian Odyssey
There's no release date or pricing as yet. promoted forum item

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Posted 08:48am 16/6/10
Here's a first look of the 3DS in action, take note of the bit with Samus and how when turned it shows the overlapping images. I'm really, really curious how they're pulling off the 'on console' 3D effect.

Posted 09:27am 16/6/10
That thing looks pretty awesome right now.

Does it come strapped to a prostitute?
Posted 09:50am 16/6/10
I tried to find the above video on youtube, because the above video player won't work properly

but instead I found this, and mainly it's the music that is awesome

Posted 09:59am 16/6/10
thats f***** sick!

would def invest in one of these if it turns out good
Posted 10:07am 16/6/10
thats not the 3ds thermite. its just a game with a cool 3d effect.
Posted 10:10am 16/6/10
...and mainly it's the music that is awesome
That's just the secret level music from Super Mario Sunshine.
Posted 05:09pm 16/6/10
when will 3D become just another passing fad...
Posted 05:16pm 16/6/10
IS the 3D effect really just a 2D screen that moves around with an internal high sensitivity motion sensor that gives the illusion of 3D? Can't really tell if your NOT ALLOWED TO VIEW THE SCREEN. Bah.
Posted 06:22pm 16/6/10
No, it's a parallax barrier display. That's just a DSi game.

Also, Ocarina of Time on 3DS:
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